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I am Gene Openshaw, an art historian and travel writer. I spend most of my work time creating historically based travel books. People I work with believe that I am a very disciplined go-getter who still finds time to have fun on the job.

Art, history, and traveling are my life. When I'm not working, I try to visit some of the few places I never got the opportunity to check out and write about. In fact, some of my friends, who are also my colleagues, think I'm too obsessed with the whole thing. That's until I make a discovery and everybody wants to jump on it.

My interest in traveling came from my friend. When we finished high school, we went on a trip together to discover the world. It was a beautiful experience, and we have been doing it over and over again all these years.

Professional practice, Experience, and Interest

I am a historian. In Peoples Estimation, I'm one of the best the world has got. I do know a thing or two about prominent places of the world. So I visit most of trips, and so I became the guy who created most of the tour guides about ancient sites in my books.

I currently work as a travel writer at my small company. I've created tons of tour guides about Europe. I enjoy the work so much because it keeps me connected to my first love. My heart is still into history full time, and I get the chance to explore that as I travel.


My research involves finding new ways to present historical sites to people and creating tour guides that can illuminate their experiences at these different sites. I would love to keep discovering more and more relevant history for travelers.

My goal is to keep working and make life easier for travelers around the world. I want us to be able to pass our vast knowledge to the next generation as a gift. It helps them understand more about the world we live in.

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