St. Thomas All-Inclusive Resorts

St thomas all inclusive resorts near beach.

St Thomas is located in Virgin island, USA, and has attracted lots of people from all parts of the world to its all-inclusive resorts. St Thomas, all-inclusive resorts hold one of the finest and exciting features worth your time. Right before searching for resorts in St Thomas, you should understand some criteria.

One of the reasons why people prefer all-inclusive resorts is because the prices are transparent. When you book for a vacation, you know what you are going to pay from the get-go, and there are no additional charges when you arrive at the location because you must have already paid before even arriving at the resort, in this case, a St Thomas all-inclusive resort.

Furthermore, all inclusive resorts are a part of a large group of resorts, most of the time. Having gotten service from one resort, you are assured that the same quality of service that you received during your first vacation is what you continue to receive going forward.

Best view resort in St. Thomas.

What You Need to Know!

  • Quality over price: You need to think of what you would view as more important. Would you rather spend a little more to ensure that you get a comfortable place to stay, or would you prefer to not spend much and get accommodation in an untidy environment?
  • Furthermore, we recommend that you should not consider picking older resorts. The reason is simple, most of them have been around for decades, and most of the time, the quality of service may have been cut down. Also, there is a huge chance that the lodgings are not well maintained.

The main criteria that distinguish all-inclusive resorts from maybe a motel are as follows:

  • Amenities: St Thomas all-inclusive resorts offer amenities that can cater to your family better than a motel. Most of the time, accommodations that are provided in a hotel or motel are meant for a single individual. All-inclusive resorts, on the other hand, can cater to either singles, couples, and families.
  • Activities: Hotels or motels do not offer you a chance to engage in certain activities like sports or games during your vacation, but this is not the case with all-inclusive resorts in St Thomas. When looking for a St. Thomas all inclusive resort, you will be paying for the use of their game rooms, water parks, tennis courts, and more.

St. Thomas all-inclusive resorts on the coast.

Best Time to Visit St. Thomas All-Inclusive Resorts

The general climate in St. Thomas is temperate and cold. It rains a lot every year, including the month that is supposed to be the driest. The average temperature of St. Thomas per year is 8.9 0C (48.0 0F) and the precipitation per year is 1061mm (41.8 in.). The month that is driest in St. Thomas is February, with 67mm precipitation.

The best period to book a St Thomas all-inclusive resort is within November and March, that is if you are not a fan of the wet season. However, if you want to visit any of the all-inclusive resorts in St. Thomas during the rainy season, you should visit during June through July. August is the hottest month of the year and hurricane season begins in September.

Average Cost of All-Inclusive Resorts in St. Thomas

The price for all-inclusive resorts in St. Thomas varies due to seasonal changes. The period of December to April is usually when the resorts cost more. If you have plans to stay at any of the resorts and you are concerned about the costs, you should endeavor to make your bookings for a reservation a little earlier; that way, you can avoid having to pay more.

The Caribbean is quite big when it comes to carnivals, and every U.S. Virgin island has its own events. In St. Thomas, for instance, carnivals begin in the middle of April. During the holiday season (December to March), the price of the resort is usually higher due to the festivities but also because it is the dry season.

The best time to visit or book a St Thomas all-inclusive resort would be late May and into June. By this time, the resorts are less crowded, and the cost of traveling to the island is a lot cheaper. It is also when the rainy season begin.

Luxury St. Thomas all-inclusive resort with bungalows.


You can have the time of your life if you choose to book an all inclusive resort in St. Thomas. There are a lot of activities that will keep you engaged, and its only a matter of time that you will love to visit this region again. Ensure you make the best use of the available features because your money has it all covered.

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