Hawaii All-Inclusive Resorts Adults-Only

Hawaii all-inclusive adults only resort.

Traveling to Hawaii is on almost every traveling enthusiast's list, but why does everyone love visiting the place so much? Hawaii is a popular tourist and vacation spot but what makes it special? For starters, it has the aloha spirit, where everyone is welcome.

Secondly, Hawaii has great beaches and it is an ideal place to disconnect from the fast-moving world. It is surrounded by the ocean, which means that there are endless activities to choose from in Hawaii. Surfing, snorkeling fishing, paddle boarding, and scuba diving are some excellent activities that you can try.

But what truly makes this place special are the Hawaii all-inclusive resorts for adults-only. This is because Hawaii all-inclusive resorts adults only are not only a great attraction for your first visit but also allow individuals to have peace. These resorts are ideal for couples or groups who want an interruption-free vacation and relax on their trip to Hawaii. However, all visitors need to meet the legal age requirement to visit any of these resorts.

There are some things that visitors need to consider while choosing an all-inclusive resort in Hawaii for adults including the location of the spa, the facilities available, and the activities offered. Following is a list of resorts and hotels for adults in Hawaii that you should consider.

Hawaii best all-inclusive resort with bungalow for adults.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii Adults Only Resorts

It is important to plan your visit before booking a Hawaii all-inclusive adults-only resort. The best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September. There are several factors including low rains and high temperatures which make this time ideal.

The average temperatures in Hawaii during this time may range between 230 and 300, which aren’t on either of the extreme sides. This means you can have a memorable experience with your spouse, partner, or a close someone in worrying about the weather.

Know that the temperature may stay wet and cool through the rest of the year. However, you can still see snow-capped volcanoes during this season. The number of visitors in Hawaii decreases during the second half of the year, which can make the beaches feel tranquil.

We have compiled a table about the weather conditions in Hawaii for your guidance, making sure you get a clearer picture of the perfect time slot.

Hawaii top view at beach with all-inclusive resort adults only.

Average Cost of Adults-Only Resorts in Hawaii

The cost of all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii for adults matters a lot when it comes to planning your perfect trip. You should keep in mind that the prices for these resorts do not stay the same throughout the year. You may notice higher prices during the peak months of summer. This starts in March and may last up to September.

However, the prices start to fall after this because the number of visitors reduces. Couples and groups looking for adults-only resorts can also get discounts if they are lucky. However, that is not something you should count on. We also suggest making the reservation as soon as you decide to go on the trip. This increases your chances of getting affordable prices from the resort.

Following is a price table of adult-only resorts in Hawaii to help you get a clearer idea of the prices you may need to pay on your visit.

Hawaii best resort adult only rocks view.

Things to Do in Hawaii for Adults

Hawaii offers tons of exciting activities for adults that you can choose from. We are going to mention them so you can get a glimpse of how amazing Hawaii is.

Sight Seeing

You can find everything from national parks, museums, and beaches packed with breathtaking sites to make memories with the ones close to you. Following are some famous beaches you can visit here.

  • Maui-Haleakala volcano & beaches.
  • Kauai- Waimea Canyon, Hanalei Bay & Kee Beach.
  • Honolulu- Hawaiian capital famed for Waikiki Beach.
  • Island of Hawaii- Volcanoes, beaches, Kohala Coast resorts.


Hawaii offers several adventurous activities to choose from. Water sports including surfing, snorkeling fishing, paddle boarding, and scuba diving are some of the most popular activities for adults in Hawaii. However, you need to ensure safety before trying these sports. You can also try the following adventurous sports in Hawaii:

  • Kayaking/canoeing.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Parasailing.
  • Windsurfing.
  • Kitesurfing.


Soft sports are also an amazing attraction in Hawaii for adults. We suggest you add it to your bucket list when you wish to visit the Hawaiian adult-only resorts. You can also visit several spots for golf in Hawaii. These include the following:

  • Ko Olina Golf Club in Oahu.
  • Poipu Bay Golf Course.
  • Ironwood Hills Golf Course.

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