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With its volcanic landscape, rich Central American culture, and world-class beaches along both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans, Guatemala is a country that attracts nearly two million tourists each year. Combining the tropical idealism of the vibrant coastline with the historical allure of several Mayan Ruins, Guatemala offers a wide array of experiences that caters to a diverse set of tourists.

Dubbed the “land of eternal spring” by its tourism board, Guatemala promises nice year-round weather for hosting holidays. Despite this, the country does offer distinct experiences from season to season, and the best time of year to visit Guatemala is different depending on what kind of experiences you are looking for. For this reason, understanding Guatemala's weather and tourism patterns is essential for getting the most out of your trip to this beautiful South American country.

Mountain in Guatemala.

Weather in Guatemala

Guatemala is a tropical destination with two distinct seasons. The country's dry season between November and April is often considered the best time to visit Guatemala. However, the country's wet season still promises excellent weather and remains a viable option for your next holiday. Despite most of the country's annual precipitation occurring between May and October, wet season rainfalls typically only last for a couple of hours. Tourists willing to venture these wetter months will be rewarded with a lush countryside.

As a country with diverse topography, Guatemala's weather patterns are divided into three distinct geographical zones that are highly dependent on the varying altitudes found throughout the regions:

  • Northern Plains: Guatemala's northern regions are predominantly plains with a slight stretch of coastline located on the Gulf of Honduras. Here temperatures are slightly cooler, and rainfalls are somewhat more consistent than in Southern regions.
  • Mountainous Central Region: Located towards the center of the country are two mountain ranges that boast some of the country's highest altitudes. Home to the country's capital city, Guatemala City, these mountainous regions also feature some of the country's coolest temperatures.
  • Pacific Southern Coast: Located on the leeward side of the country's mountain ranges, Guatemala's Southern Pacific Coast features warm temperatures throughout the year and minimal t no rainfalls throughout the dry season.

Climbing the mountains in Guatemala.

Average Temperature

Guatemala boasts year-round warm temperatures that vary slightly between the country's three regions. The country's southern coastline boasts the warmest temperatures that remain within the high 80s throughout the year. Temperatures in the region peak in April, with highs reaching the 90s.

Between March and April, the country's northern plain regions have a similar temperature pattern as the South, with highs reaching the low 90s in April and May. However, this region sees the most variation in temperatures throughout the country, dropping to the low 80s between November and February.

Those looking to escape the heat should head to the high altitudes of the country's mountainous inland. In the country's capital and surrounding regions, monthly highs rarely surpass the low 80s between March and May. Average highs maintain a cool atmosphere hovering in the mid-70s from June to February for the rest of the year.

Average Precipitation

Guatemala's wet season lasts from May to October and peaks in June and September, when monthly precipitation can amount to over 200 mm throughout most of the country. The dry season runs from November to April. During this time, the country experiences far less rainfall than in the summer months. However, the exact amount of precipitation does differ between the country's regions.

The mountainous center and coastal South see far less precipitation during the Dry season than in the country's northern destinations. In these regions, monthly precipitation averages remain below 40 mm between November and April. The best time to travel to Guatemala is in January or February. During this time, most of the country sees less than 10 mm of precipitation occurring over 1 to 3 days.

On the other hand, with a wet season that stretches into November and December, Guatemala's northern plain region features slightly more rainfall throughout the year than the country's southern destinations. March and May are the best time to go to Guatemala's northern destination, with monthly precipitation amounting to about 40 to 45 mm, spanning 6 days each month.

Palms in Guatemala.

Average Tourist Volume

Guatemala hosts about 1.75 million annual tourists and is a popular stomping ground for Caribbean cruises, backpackers, and international travellers. The country has two peak seasons occurring Between December and March and July and August. During these months, the country experiences the brunt of its tourism. As a result, hotel and tour prices are often inflated to accommodate the increased demand.

Alternatively, travellers to the country can plan their trips during the Fall and Spring Months. Travellers to the country during the Shoulder months from April and June and from September to November will be rewarded with fewer crowds and reduced prices.


When is the best time to visit Guatemala?

The best time to visit Guatemala is during the country's dry season, which spans from November to April. However, to avoid the heavy crowding of the tourist season, be sure to book your trip during the shoulder months of November and early December or between April and June.

When is the Guatemala dry season?

The dry season in Guatemala typically runs from November to April. This is the best time to visit Guatemala, as there is less rain and fewer mosquitoes. However, it is also the busiest time of year, so be sure to book your accommodation in advance.

When is the rainy season in Guatemala?

The rainy season in Guatemala typically runs from May to October. The best time to visit Guatemala is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. However, there are also a number of festivals and events that take place during the rainy season, so it can be a good time to visit if you're interested in those. Just be sure to pack your rain gear!

What are the hottest months in Guatemala?

The hottest months in Guatemala are typically April and May, just before the start of the wet season. However, temperatures can vary depending on which region of the country you're visiting. For example, it tends to be cooler in the highlands than in the lowlands.

Is it hot in Guatemala in May?

In general, the temperature in Guatemala in May ranges from 18-32 degrees Celsius (64-90 degrees Fahrenheit). However, it is important to keep in mind that Guatemala is a tropical country, so the humidity levels can be quite high. If you are visiting Guatemala during the rainy season (May-October), you can expect some showers, but the rain usually does not last for more than a few hours. Overall, May is a great time to visit Guatemala, as the weather is mostly sunny and the crowds are not too large

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