Best Beaches in Massachusetts

Best Beaches in Massachusetts.

Many of America's firsts happened in Massachusetts: the first telephone, the first railway, and the first subway system. Popularly known as the Bay State, it includes five bays: Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts Bay, Narragansett Bay, and Quincy Bay. While visiting Massachusetts, you can immerse yourself in the bustling city-life of Boston or visit the older, historic towns and learn more about its origins. However, you can also explore the beautiful beaches in the state. Massachusetts has a beach for everyone's needs, from waters with high crashing waves to cool and tranquil ones.

In this article, we cover the ten best beaches in Massachusetts. Read on to find out more about them.

Landscape in Massachusetts.

Crane Beach, Ipswich

Crane beach is widely considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. The 1234-acre property is part of Crane Estate and includes stunning views of nearby Ipswich Bay. The Trustees of Reservation keep the encompassing dunes, forests, and marshes thoroughly maintained. The Great house is included in the estate, a mansion you can explore at your leisure. Both residents and visitors adore the beauty of this beach. You can follow the trails along the dunes, play volleyball with friends or dive into the sparkling water for a refreshing swim. You can also see the piping plover, an endangered bird nesting along the beach. The beach is open all year round and offers amenities like bathrooms and changing rooms. Unfortunately, the snack bar only opens in the summer months.

Race Point Beach, Provincetown

The American Automobile Association declared Race Point beach as one of the best five beaches in New England. The beach sits in Provincetown and juts out into the Atlantic, granting visitors a breathtaking view of the sea and sky. The name "Race Point" comes from the strong currents surrounding it, making navigation for mariners a challenge. To access the beach, you can take a seasonal fast ferry from Boston and arrive in an hour and a half.

The best part of Race Point beach is its relative quiet. Not many people visit it, giving you ample time to explore the gorgeous expanse of sand uninterrupted. You can follow the trail of the hiking and biking paths on the dunes or bask beneath the sun. Lonely lighthouses and quaint cottages surround it, further adding to its charm.

Chatham Lighthouse Beach, Chatham

Chatham Lighthouse Beach sits in the southeastern corner of Cape Cod and is close to Chatham Light, an active lighthouse overlooking the coast. The beach is typically closed to visitors but opens in the summer months with free admission. During your summer visit, enjoy the calm delight of this beach. Seals rest and move along the coast at low tide. When the tide is right, you may even be able to walk across Monomoy Island, a popular spot for birdwatching.

You won't find any lifeguards here, but beach patrols monitor the waters for emergencies. Don't swim on the southern side because the current is much stronger there. Also, please take note of the flags and signs indicating when it's safe to swim. Red flags mean it isn't safe at that moment.

Sunset in Massachusetts.

Singing Beach, Manchester by the Sea

The picturesque quality of Singing beach makes it perfect for taking pictures and relaxing on the sand. A local legend attributes the name to the sound of leather shoes scuffing against the sand. If you sit on the beach long enough, you'll hear the sand move with the passing breeze and imagine it singing.

The beauty of Singing Beach is like something out of a storybook, with beautiful historic cottages surrounding it. Take a trip there and enjoy a calming stroll along the white sand or sit on the benches above the beach, beneath the canopy of reclining trees. While on the beach, you'll feel a world away from busy Boston. Public bathhouses, showers, and changing rooms are available, and a snack bar opens in summer.

Coast Guard Beach, Eastham

Coast Guard Beach is part of Cape Cod National Seashore and gets very busy. However, this is a large beach. Walk long enough, and you can find a nice quiet spot to sit. The ancient dunes and surrounding marshlands are a particular favorite of nature lovers. And if wildlife isn't your thing, you'll find reliable waves for surfing and calm spots for swimming. Lastly, the sunrise looks spectacular from the beach. If you can wake up earlier, we recommend watching it.

Parking areas are closed to everyone except staff and disabled visitors from mid-June to Labor Day. However, you'll find parking space in the Doane area and take the free shuttle that brings visitors to the beach. The boardwalk leading to the vast expanse of sand is convenient for wheelchair access.

Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester

Wingaersheek beach lies along the Annisquam River and features beautifully clear water. At low tide, shallow ponds form beside the rocks along the shore, creating a lovely play environment for the little ones. They can go on an adventure and look at little sand dollars, limpets, and hermit crabs. Lifeguards are also available from Memorial Day till Labor Day, making those times ideal for visiting with children. A slight issue with this beach is the crowds. Visitors coming are many, which creates a minor problem finding parking spaces. You can beat the crowds by arriving a little earlier. Fall off-season is another perfect time to visit. The crowds are much thinner, and you'll essentially have the entire beach to yourself.

Mayflower Beach, Dennis

With calm waters and stunning views, Mayflower beach is one of the best locations for a memorable holiday. The beach sits on the bayside of Cape Cod, offering calm, warm waters for you to enjoy a soothing swim. You can enjoy fun outdoor activities like volleyball and sunbathe or walk along the sand to nearby Bayview Beach. Mayflower beach is so famous it gets crowded quickly. To avoid them, you can go earlier (before 8 am on weekends and 9 am on weekdays). You can also wait till evening when the crowds have thinned. The sun's orange rays stain the sparkling waters in beautiful shades.

Marconi Beach, Wellfleet

Marconi Beach is part of Cape Cod National seashore and was named for Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi. In 1903, Marconi sent the first transatlantic message from its coast, a message from president Rosevelt to King Edward VII of England. Due to the large waves of its blue waters, Marconi beach is a popular destination for surfers and boogie boarders. The beach is wide and surrounded by big dunes, the waves lapping at the edges. The beach fills up quickly, the brightly colored umbrellas of visitors creating a wonderful image from the top.

Seasonal lifeguards are available, and you're encouraged to swim only in designated areas. But swimming and watersports aren't the only things to do. You can hike along the sand to look at the various trees and seals.

Water in Massachusetts.

Madaket Beach, Nantucket

If you're a surfer, Madaket beach might call to you. The waters there come with powerful waves and the occasional dangerous undertow. Though lifeguards are available, be careful if you're not a strong swimmer or come with kids.

You'll need a four-wheel drive to reach the west end of the beach. But you can always enjoy sunbathing and soothing strolls across the soft sand. Most visitors love to watch the vibrant colors of the sunset at the beach, as it's promised to be a spectacular affair. Take note, though, that the beach has no facilities. But you can get meals and even use a restroom at Millie's restaurant, which is close by.

Spectacle Island Beach, Boston Harbor

You can take a boat from Boston and arrive at Spectacle Island in a few minutes. The detached nature of the beach makes it a favored choice for most beach lovers. You can view the sky, water, and Boston's skyline from the top of the hill. Also, the island offers cafes, restaurants, a public park, and a visitor center. You can learn more about the development and history of Spectacle Island at the visitor's center. The beach is a marvel of soft sand and lovely hiking trails through dense forests. Hikers will enjoy the panoramic view of Boston on their journey around the island.


Though we've listed only ten, Massachusetts has several other beaches to enjoy. Some honorable mentions are Head of Meadow, with picturesque swatches of seagrass; Horseneck, where you can view aquatic birds nesting; and Joseph Sylvia, where you can hike along trails of fine sand. Some beaches are better for swimming. Still, others have rough waves and will suit you if you love to surf. Whichever beach you choose, we hope this article made the choice easier. We hope you return to find out more about beaches in other parts of the world.

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