Aruba vs Cancun: Which is Better for You?

Aruba vs cancun.

Aruba and Cancun are two great choices for anyone who plans to visit a Caribbean Island. Both destinations attract crowds from all over the world with their amazing beaches, festivals, cultures, food, drinks, historical structures, parties, and tropical paradise. It is no wonder people find it difficult to choose between Aruba, the happy island, and Cancun with the perfect beaches.

What is the difference between Aruba and Cancun? We have compared the weather conditions, accommodation costs, beaches, and other notable stuff in this Aruba versus Cancun article. Read on!

Aruba vs cancun beach.

Best Time to Visit Aruba and Cancun

Like many other destinations in and outside Mexico, there is a perfect time for visiting Aruba and Cancun. This section may assist you further in choosing between the two Caribbean islands. How? Your planned vacation dates may fall within the best visiting seasons of either Aruba or Cancun or none.


November to March is Aruba's tourism peak season. Every corner of the island is filled up with people who are there mainly for the festivals and parties. Right after the peak season between April to May is the best time to visit Aruba. That is the period preceding summer when the island's temperature goes up.

The Rainy season begins in July right after the end of May. Although the temperature is kind of high during the rainy season, the trade winds blow and keep the weather checked. The rain falls all through July to late October. One great thing about Aruba is that it is outside the hurricane belt. That means there is very little or no chance of a hurricane occurring anytime on the island. One cannot expect less from somewhere nicknamed "one happy place." The weather is warm all year round and the waters are perfect for swimming.


The high season in Cancun starts in December and ends in March. During that period, you will find the highest number of tourists compared to other times of the year. That is because those are the months preceding summer. The weather is still cool and suitable for parties and tours. After the peak season is the shoulder season.

The shoulder season comes in April, right after the spring season, and stays till May. That is the best time to visit Cancun. The weather is just pleasant, and the crowd is sparse. You can tour the streets of Cancun as much as you want before the temperate season starts. The rainy season starts around June in Cancun. Although the temperature during the daytime is high, there is a cool breeze that regulates the weather. From July all through October, there are heavy downpours at unexpected times. During that period, the seaweed takes over the beaches and prevents people from swimming in them. That is why people stay off the island at that time of the year.

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Aruba vs Cancun: Average Hotel Price

Сertain factors determine the cost of accommodation in Aruba and Cancun. Aruba and Cancun are less frequented by tourists and travelers during the off-season period. The low price is implemented to attract the few visitors around to their various hotels.

Traveling to Aruba or Cancun in their high seasons will cost you more than it would when the crowd is reduced. During festivals and holidays, hotels also give discounts to their customers to celebrate special occasions. What you can do if you want to travel to Aruba or Cancun during the high season is book a space in advance. That way, you will get accommodation at a discounted price.

Things to Do in Aruba and Cancun

There are always parties, delicacies, drinks, unspoiled beaches, and cultural activities to join. Aruba and Cancun are there to prove that point anytime and any day. Check out some of the places that are worth touring in Aruba and Cancun below:


  • The Arikok national park
  • The butterfly farm
  • Arashi Beach
  • Oranjestad
  • California lighthouse and California Dunes.


  • Chac-Mool Beach
  • Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzà
  • Cancun underwater museum
  • El Meco Archeological site
  • Torre Escenica and Xcaret

Aruba vs cancun landscape.

Conclusion: Which is Better Aruba or Cancun?

Now that you have a better picture of the two Caribbean islands, which one are you going for? Aruba or Cancun?

Whichever destination you choose, do not forget to pack for the weather. If you pick wintertime to visit, carry some jackets for cold nights in case you want to join the midnight parties. Also, do not forget to book your hotel room ahead of time if you plan to travel during the peak season for a discounted price. Have a safe trip!

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