Antigua Overwater Bungalows

Antigua overwater bungalows.

The picturesque Islands of Antigua and Barbuda have been a hotspot for vacationers over the years. Antigua is the perfect place to enjoy some rum punch and soak up the sun with its innumerable sand beaches, lush landscapes, and typical Caribbean laid-back pace. The circa 108 miles of Antigua’s idyllic charm, numerous harbors, superb bays, and secluded beaches are places to visit if one can. However, they have even more to offer!

Overwater huts in Antigua are becoming more popular, and they offer vacationers a different but exquisite experience of the Caribbean Islands. With major luxurious offerings such as a personal butler, Jacuzzi soaker tubs, infinity pools, and an array of top-notch restaurants to pick from, these overwater villas in Antigua are tailor-made for you and your loved ones to spend some quality time in the sun.

Whether it is a honeymoon or a vacation getaway, these Antigua resorts with overwater bungalows are worth your money.

Overwater bungalows antigua beach.

Best Time to Visit Antigua Overwater Bungalows

One of the warmest Caribbean islands (Antigua is 17 degrees north of the equator), Antigua offers constant tropical temperatures all year round, a perfect escape from the European winter. Temperatures in the winter months peak around the mid-70s, while they go closer to the 80s during the summer months (Temperature is measured in Fahrenheit).

The wet season usually begins in June and ends in November across the Caribbean. This period is also hurricane season, so expect a bit more rainfall and a few tropical storms, but the chances of experiencing bad weather are also slim.

On the bright side, overwater rooms in Antigua are less expensive during this period, and there are fewer crowds in pools and beaches. On the other hand, the dry season runs from December to May and has the perfect conditions for a beach party! Crowds are typically more during this period as travelers flock to the Islands to enjoy the beautiful climate. Prices may go up a bit, and hotels are quickly fully booked, so it would help if you plan in advance to avoid the late rush.

Antigua is typically a vacation hotspot 365 days a year, with its 365 white-sand beaches drawing tourists from everywhere in the world. If you want to avoid the rain altogether, the dry season is perfect for you. Just expect to find more people like you who prefer to visit during this period. Although, if you are on a budget, want to meet fewer people, or just aren’t enticed by the summer activities, the wet season is not the worst time to visit one of Antigua’s many resorts.

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Average Cost Of Antigua Overwater Bungalows

Costs of overwater huts in Antigua tend to vary. It usually depends on the influx of tourists and the weather. There are usually more events during the dry season, causing more engagement and thus a larger crowd. Traveling during this period will be pricier as it is the peak period and accommodation tends to get booked quickly. So plan your trip, book your activities ahead of the rush, and enjoy the Antiguan sunshine at a relatively economical rate.

The period between May and June might offer the best deal to travelers looking for a nice balance in terms of price and privacy. However, you may be disappointed with the experience because it coincides with the time when the crowds begin to disperse. Some of these locations begin to let go of their temporary staff, who help make the experience exotic. Although, if it means you get to enjoy one of the pristine overwater villas of Antigua, it might be worth taking a chance.

Low activity periods tend to fall within the wet season as fewer travelers seek the Antigua experience when other enticing locations are available. Nonetheless, the prices are lower and offer you the best opportunity to experience Antigua in peace and tranquility. No wild parties, no nothing! Just brace yourself for a few days of bad weather, that is all!

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Experiencing Antigua’s resorts and overwater bungalows is one experience you do not want to miss. If you are looking for a perfect vacation spot, this might be it. A honeymoon of your dreams? You are at the right place.

With its coral reefs and plush landscape, this island provides everything you have ever dreamed of in a vacation spot. The overwater villas are pristine, royal, and luxurious. They hold their own in terms of luxury lodging on offer anywhere in the world.

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