Aruba Curacao: Which Caribbean Island Should I Visit?

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The Caribbean is a region filled with tropical islands that seem idyllic. Each island has its unique beauty, and visitors are often left wondering which island they should visit. When it comes to deciding between Aruba vs Curacao, there are many factors to consider. Both islands have their pros and cons, but one is likely to appeal more than the other depending on your preferences. To help you decide which island is right for you, we’ve outlined some of the biggest differences between these two popular vacation spots.

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Best Time To Visit

It isn’t the best time to visit Aruba vs Curacao. Both islands are popular year-round among tourists, and this is one of the key differences between them.

While Aruba is a more popular destination for tourists. It is more expensive and has more to offer, making it a great choice for the high-end vacationer.

In contrast, Curacao is a more affordable option and makes it a great destination for both families and couples. So, when deciding which island is best for you, keep in mind that Aruba is more popular, and as such, is also likely to be more crowded.

Aruba Vs Curacao: Which Has Better Beaches?

Both Aruba vs Curacao boast beautiful beaches, but Aruba has beaches that are significantly better than Curacao. Aruba features sandy beaches that are great for swimming, but they are also home to large waves and rough surf. If you are looking for a calm beach to relax on, Aruba might not be the best choice. In contrast, Curacao’s beaches are almost entirely made up of sand. You can expect calm, quiet waters and great swimming conditions on Curacao’s beaches.

Aruba Vs Curacao: Average Hotel Price

The average hotel price in Aruba is expected to be around $200-250/night, while the average hotel price in Curacao is expected to be around $100-150/night.

These prices reflect rates for moderate hotels. If you want to stay at a luxury hotel, you can expect to pay around $350-400/night for a room in Aruba, while you can expect to pay around $200-250/night for the same kind of room in Curacao.

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Things To Do

Aruba is a very popular destination for cruises, and many cruise ships arrive in Aruba every year. There are also a number of great all-inclusive resorts, if that’s something that interests you. What’s especially great about Aruba is that it’s very family-friendly. The island is very safe, and there are activities for both adults and kids. Aruba is a great option for anyone looking for a nice vacation spot.There’s no question that Aruba is more suited for those interested in activities. Aruba features tons of great water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, sailing, and more. Plus, there are also tons of great shopping options in Aruba.

If you are looking for a quiet, more relaxing vacation with fewer activities, Curacao is a very scenic island, and there are many things to do here that don’t cost a dime. You can visit the Curacao Aquarium to see the stunning Curacao sea life up close or visit the Curacao Lovo Ethnological Center to learn about Curacao’s culture. If you are looking for things to do in Curacao that cost money, you can go to the Curacao Museum or visit the Curacao Seashore Park. Curacao is a better fit. There is still plenty to do on the island, including visiting the Curacao Aquarium, visiting the Curacao Lovo Ethnological Center, and exploring Willemstad.

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Aruba Vs Curacao: The Bottom Line

Aruba and Curacao are both incredible Caribbean destinations. When deciding between Aruba vs Curacao, it is important to consider which island is right for you. Aruba is a more popular island and is better suited for those interested in activities. Curacao is a more affordable, quieter island, which makes it a great destination for couples and families.


Is Aruba or Curacao better?

Aruba is better than Curacao in terms of beaches, nightlife, and weather. However, Curacao is cheaper and has more to do in terms of activities and sightseeing.

What is the difference between Aruba Vs Curacao?

The main difference between Aruba and Curacao is that Aruba is more developed and touristed, while Curacao is less developed and more authentic. Aruba is also more expensive than Curacao.

Is Aruba more expensive than Curacao?

Aruba is more expensive than Curacao, although not by much. Curacao is the cheaper of the two islands.

Is the weather better in Aruba or Curacao?

The weather is better in Aruba than Curacao. Aruba has more sunny days and less rainfall than Curacao.

How far is Aruba from Curacao?

Aruba is about 19 km (12 miles) from Curacao. There are regular flights between the two islands and the journey takes around 30 minutes.

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