Best time to visit Egypt

Egypt best time visit pyramids view.

Egypt often has a dry and hot climate because it is located in a tropical region. The northern part of Egypt is in a more temperate zone which is why those parts experience a similar climate to the Mediterranean- hot summer and spring-like winter. Nevertheless, numerous people visit the country yearly due to the several tourist attractions and festivals happening there.

Like many other countries, there are periods when the weather is just right for tourism in Egypt. The best time of year to visit Egypt is from October to April, most especially March. It is the period between the end of summer and the early month of winter. The temperature is warm and bearable during those months. You can seize this period as the best time to visit Cairo and see the ancient tombs while enjoying the warm weather without the rude interruption of the rain.

Camels at the Egypt desert at the best month to go.

Weather in Egypt

Generally, Egypt experiences spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons. Spring is warm but there are always sandstorms during the period for about three days. From around March to September, the summer seasons occur, and the temperature is high throughout the land. The humid temperature from March to May is still bearable because the cool breeze regulates the hot weather. You can visit Egypt during those periods just before the temperature goes off the charts. As the temperature drops in September, the atmosphere becomes cooler and almost perfect for everything. Tourists take advantage of the almost perfect weather and storm Egypt right before winter begins.

This period is one of the best time to travel to Egypt because Hotel prices are usually high and the cost of local transportation increases as well.

Weather in Egypt is usually mild during winter although there are some times that temperature drops as low as 50°F at night. The temperature during the day is determined by what season the country has currently. Summer days are usually scorching hot throughout Egypt. Aswan, which is close to the river Nile, has an average temperature of 123.8°F on the high side. Cairo's average high temperature during summer days goes a little bit higher than 86°F.

Judging from the weather trend, the best time to go to Egypt is around October to April, during the fall season and the early months of winter.

Palm trees at Egypt a the best time to visit.

Average Temperature

The annual average temperature in Egypt differs by region due to their proximity to the waters. Generally, the southern part of the country is hotter than the northern region all year long.

Cairo, the Egyptian capital, which close to the river Nile has a humid weather most of the year with June, July, and August as its peak summer months. The average temperature around that time is 86 to 95°F. Aswan and Luxor, which are south of Cairo, have their peak summer month to be June, July and August too. The only difference is that Aswan's temperature can go above 104°F. The Red Sea destinations have an average summer temperature of 89.6°F, and winter is usually much more friendly than other Southern regions.

The Western region of Egypt is no different from the southern part. The summer temperature can go above 113°F in the hottest months and drop as low as 41°F in winter. You should avoid the western cities of Egypt when the weather conditions are at their harshest. Also note that the desert part of the western region experiences sandstorms around March and April due to the khamsin wind.

June, July, and August are definitely not the best months to visit Egypt. If you plan to visit places especially in the southern region, it is best to wait till the peak summer months are over to avoid getting baked. However, if you must make the tour during that period, dress lightly for the weather and carry enough water to stay dehydrated.

Average Precipitation

The rainy season in Egypt falls between October to May. Throughout the country, there is very little rainfall every year. The northern parts enjoy the most rain while the southern part is milder. Alexandria, which receives the most rainfall, has an average of 200mm of precipitation yearly. Cairo gets just a little above 29mm of rainfall on average per year. Other locations to the south of Cairo experience even reduced or no precipitation throughout the year.

Despite the record of low average rainfall on the southern coast, there are events where really high precipitation occurs and lead to flash floods.

Underwater photo fish at egypt at the best time of year.

Average Tourist Volume

An average of 10 million people visit Egypt every year to tour the ancient tombs and join the numerous festivals. The months with the highest tourists are recorded to be October, November, December, January, February, and March. Of the months mentioned earlier, October carries the highest tourists visit to Egypt. During that period, summer has just ended, and the weather is tour friendly. Visitors join in the season's festivals like Abu Simbel sun festival and the Milad un Nabi. The next month with the highest tourist visit is March. That is because there are several events and festivities during that period. The weather in March is also cooler and has little or no rainfall.

If you plan to tour Egypt in October or March, ensure you book hotel reservations ahead of time to get discounts. Also, bear in mind that there are some nights when the temperature drops extremely low, sometimes down to 35.6°F, so remember to pack for cold nights.

And if you have other preferences which might differ from that of most tourists, this information is adequate to help you decide the best month to visit Egypt for you – based on your personal preferences.


When is the best time to visit Egypt?

The best month to visit Egypt is in March. During that period, there are a lot of festivities and a high number of tourists around. The weather is at its coolest although things may be expensive during those periods.

When is the rainy season in Egypt?

Egypt's rainy season usually falls between October and May. Those periods are the best time to travel to Egypt because the weather is cooler and the rain is usually not heavy. Other times are hot and sticky.

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