Best Time to Visit China

Best time to visit china.

China is a country with so many things to explore and do it can be difficult to plan a holiday of a lifetime.

Usually, the best time of the year to visit China is during the Spring or Autumn season. Unlike its chilling winters and scorching hot summers, these two seasons have warm and comfortable months. On average, the temperature can range between 50°F-80,6°F (10-27°C). On the contrary, if you want to go to festivals and events, then the best time to visit China is the end of winter or mid-autumn. During these months, you can witness spectacular traditional Chinese events.

However, if you want to see China with fewer tourists, you should opt to visit in its coldest and low travel season from November-March. These are just a few times of the year that are excellent to visit China, to know more keep on reading.

Beautiful landscape in China.

Weather in China

If you want to visit based on the weather, the best month to visit China can vary. This is because its climate can be split into six areas: tropical, subtropical, warm-temperate, temperate, cold temperature, and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau temperate zone. For most of China, you can find it in the northern temperate zone. This zone typically experiences a warm climate with predictable seasons. In general, though, the weather in China can dramatically change between the South and North, especially in winter. This is because dry and cold winds blow from Siberia and Mongolia.

On the other hand, the temperature does not differ in the summer, except in remote areas. Generally, the temperatures are scorching hot in these months.

Average Temperature

In China, the temperatures can change dramatically based on where you're visiting. In general, here is a breakdown that might be of interest to you:

  • January-February: This is wintertime for most of China, and in the north, in areas like Beijing and Yunnan, the temperature is dry. The temperature ranges from 33,8°F-39,2°F. However, other parts of China tend to be quite humid and damp.
  • March: The temperatures in this month are often warmer and fruit trees blossoming. In Beijing and Yunnan, the average temperature is 51,8°F.
  • April: In the southern areas of China, there's a lot of rain, and temperatures can be quite warm. In Beijing, the average temperature is 68°F.
  • May: The temperature in these months is quite warm, but it is not that sticky or humid like other months in China. This is the best time for flowers to start blooming in Yunnan province. The average temperature in Beijing this month is 80,6°F.
  • June: June in China marks the start of summer, and it starts to get rather humid. This month can experience some rain too. Beijing experiences an average temperature of 86°F.
  • July: This is peak summer, and in western areas, the temperature can reach up to 40°C. In Beijing, the temperature is around 87,8°F.
  • August: Generally, all of China experiences hot temperatures at this time, but in the northern regions, the temperature can be cooler. In Beijing, the temperature is around 86°F.
  • September: This month experiences warm weather but as hot as its proceeding months. The temperature in Beijing averages 78,8°F.
  • October: Little rain occurs this month, and the temperature is mild. Beijing has an average temperature of 66,2°F.
  • November: The temperature is cool in November, and the North starts to see its first snowfall. Beijing has an average of 50°F.
  • December: Extremely low temperatures this month, with high chances of snow in the north. Beijing is the coldest at this time of year, averaging around 37,4°F.

Tea ceremony in China.

Average Precipitation

It's difficult to provide a thorough breakdown of the rainfall in China. The reason for this is that it varies a great deal based on the region you're visiting and the season.

Typically, you can expect precipitation to slowly increase from the inland areas of the northwestern and southeastern coastal parts. Moreover, the rainy season starts earlier in the southern parts from May-October. However, in the northern areas, the precipitation lasts for a short time, usually between July and September.

  • North China: 46-68 days
  • North East China: 47-62 days
  • East China: 56-151 days
  • South Central China: 56-135 days
  • Southwest China: 96-158 days
  • Northwest China: 5-66 days

Top view in China.

Average Tourist Volume in China

The best time to travel to China for tourists is often during its most weather-friendly seasons. During the months of April-May and September-October, many tourists visit. This is due to the weather not being too hot or cold.

May is also a popular time in China for domestic travel, as the month has national holidays in the beginning. Therefore, you might find many regions busy and long waiting times for attractions. The same applies to the first week of October, a national holiday. During this time, you should avoid travel as typical areas are overpopulated.


When is the best time to go to china?

Usually, the best time to visit China is in the Spring or Autumn season. This is mainly due to the warm and dry weather these seasons experience.

When is China's rainy season?

The rainy season in China happens between May-September. Some regions of China can often experience a lot of flooding and monsoons.

When is typhoon season in China?

In China, typhoons can occur between May-December. The usual season to expect typhoons is from July to September, especially in September.

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