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I am Patricia Schultz, a travel writer and journalist. I travel the world for a living and then tell people about it. My colleagues and readers believe I am daring and adventurous because I could go anywhere in the world all by myself.

When I am not working, well, I'm still… traveling and discovering new places, meeting new people, and tasting good food around the world. I love learning while traveling. The friends I have made from my many trips think I was born to be on the move.

My interest in traveling sparked when I was 15. I traveled from New York to the Dominican Republic just to see a friend. I was sure this was something I would love to do more often during and after the trip. That journey sparked a fire in my heart that has kept on burning all these years. The next thing I knew, I was on my next journey, and it's been that way ever since. Now I travel the world for a living.

Professional practice, Experience, and Interest

I didn't have any formal education related to traveling. I just think it was always in my blood. According to a family legend, I am a descendant of the famous Mark Twain, who was himself a globetrotter in his day. This might have been it. I just wanted to see the beauty that the world had to offer. I guess that was it, and that is still what it is: discovering the world's hidden beauty.

It took time before people started noticing what I was doing. By this time, I was a full-blown traveler and was ready to tell people about the many places I had visited. Soon I got a deal to write my best seller, “1,000 places to see in the USA and Canada before you die”. The book has been translated into 25 languages. I have since written for many traveling blogs and websites and have even been the executive producer for a show on the travel channel. However, my heart lies in the simplicity of traveling and discovering places, which I still do regularly.


My research involves finding new ways to travel. I believe there are still uncharted territories around the world waiting to enchant us with their beauty.

My goal is simple. I just want to keep traveling and let people know that they can do the same. It's not really about going to the farthest points of the earth. It's more about taking journeys, discovering something beautiful, and having stories to tell. Currently, I am doing what I love the most, traveling, and I doubt I will ever stop.

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