Ensenada All-Inclusive Resorts

Ensenada all inclusive resorts.

Ensenada is located just 70 miles from San Diego. It crosses the border into Mexico and south of Tijuana in the Baja Peninsula. It takes approximately an hour to drive on the four-lane highway. It is known for its wine-producing region, water sports, wildlife, beautiful scenery and spectacular all-inclusive resorts.

Ensenada is a popular beachside destination and a port town on a beautiful stretch along the Pacific Coast. The attractive harbor is a great place to relax, ride the waves with a surfboard or go on a whale-watching tour. You will also be able to visit some of Mexico’s most iconic vineyards. You can enjoy regional cuisines at the all-inclusive waterfront resorts downtown or the tourist zone, which are the highlight of Ensenada.

Ensenada all inclusive resort.

What You Need to Know!

Ensenada's extensive Pacific coastline features beautiful beaches, surf spots, and all-inclusive resort towns. Rent a kayak at Estero Beach and go surfing at San Miguel Beach. Then, relax on the fine sands of Baja Cove Beach. Many of the tourists who visit Ensenada on vacation packages arrive via cruise ships since Ensenada has a connection to San Diego and Tijuana. Several Pacific Ocean beaches along with all-inclusive resorts are located in and near Ensenada, with some excellent conditions for surfing and snorkeling.

People visiting Ensenada on a family vacation find all-inclusive resort packages a great deal. There is a fixed fee, which usually covers the room, all meals and snacks, and thrilling sports like surfing, sea kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and other exciting water sports. The options are endless. These all-inclusive resorts in Ensenada provide an ideal collaboration of value, comfort, and accessibility. It is a charming setting with a wide range of amenities to suit travelers from all around the world. After a memorable day of water sports, horseback riding, and sun tanning, guests can look forward to visiting one of the nearby wineries to sample some free wines, followed by a great Mexican meal included in their all-inclusive holiday package.

Ensenada all inclusive resort bar in swimming pool.

Best Time to Visit Ensenada All-Inclusive Resorts

Ensenada is blessed with a tourist-friendly and pleasant climate all over the year. It is this reason why it is a popular vacation destination among tourists. 25°C is the maximum temperature it goes to and hardly ever drop below the 15°C mark. From December to March, Ensenada is literally flooded by the rains and if rain is something that bothers you, avoid coming this time of the year. Ensenada has two major seasons, dry and wet.

Dry season: This period lasts from October to April and is the perfect time to go on a vacation to Ensenada. Initially, being the off-tourist season, you won’t find it exaggeratedly crowded during this time, moreover, the rates of the all-inclusive resorts would also be fairly cheap.

Wet season: This season runs from May to September. Approximately, 22 inches of rain per year, on average, is expected. The climate does not face scorching heat or freezing temperatures either. However, it is a good idea to bring a light sweater/upper just in case. If you don't mind crowds, April to June face the peak tourist season. You will expect cloudy mornings and sunny afternoons in this enthralling place.

Gray whales migrate every winter from Alaska to Baja California's warm waters. You can see these majestic marine mammals up-close on your whale-watching boat tour included in your all-inclusive package. Local tour operators offer excursions from November to April. In August, you can also help locals celebrate the wine harvest at the Ensenada Vintage Festival.

Ensenada all inclusive resorts sunset.

Average Cost of All-Inclusive Resorts in Ensenada

The choice is clear for cruise travelers. Ensenada's best season is summer when temperatures are high but not too hot and there is less chance of rain.

Baja Peninsula is open all year, but summer is the busiest season. Prices and rates for accommodations are higher in summer. If you’re looking to save money while enjoying the best you can, the all-inclusive beach resorts are your best choice as they specialize in luxurious surroundings in view of the Pacific without compromising the best amenities. You can enjoy the sunset views, poolside bar, and delicious dining options in Ensenada.

Whether you want to stay right in the heart of town or you'd like to be a little more tucked away, you can defiantly find a great place to stay in Ensenada.


Ensenada, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and just south of the US border, makes it an excellent option for an all-inclusive resort beach vacation. The people who love nature can spend their wow moments seeing gray whales and the underwater caves. Ensenada will not stop captivating you. Exquisite food vendors, huge splashing waves, a great vantage point for spotting whales, diving excursions, horse riding, fish and seafood Festival. The list just goes on with what you can avail in an all-inclusive package in Ensenada.

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