US Virgin Islands All-Inclusive Family Resorts

Us virgin islands all inclusive family resorts.

The ideal family vacation offers unforgettable experiences for adults and children to laugh, play, and relax together. The US Virgin Islands all inclusive family resorts provide all this and more. However, with over 50 islands to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which is the best US Virgin Island for families to holiday on. Luckily, this diverse tropical archipelago offers a wide array of activities suitable for all kinds of travelers. From basking in the sunlight at several world-class beaches to frolicking in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, this destination caters to family members of all ages. While it is hard to go wrong by staying at any of the US Virgin Islands all inclusive family resorts, personal preferences will result in differing experiences from island to island. The main three US Virgin Island destinations are:

  • St. Croix — Perfect for families that want to explore the cultural side of the region
  • St. Thomas — The best Virgin Island for families seeking an upscale, luxurious holiday
  • St. John — The ideal island paradise for families that desire isolation in nature

Us virgin islands all inclusive family resorts near beach.

It's Important to Know!

Once you decide which island will serve as the best host for your family vacation in the US Virgin Islands, the next step in the planning process is determining which accommodation option is suitable for your holiday. When it comes to finding a stay that offers all of the amenities your family will need, the US Virgin Islands family resorts' all-inclusive options provide the optimal, stress-free experience. These complete amenity packages typically include all your base necessities for your stay. From meals, snacks, and drinks provided throughout the day to a wide array of activities for adults and children alike, all-inclusive resorts will take the stress right out of planning your family vacation. Instead, your stay at US Virgin Islands all-inclusive family resorts will be filled with fun memories you and your loved ones will carry far into the future.

Best Time to Visit US Virgin Islands Resorts with Family

The peak season for booking US Virgin Islands' all inclusive family resorts is from December to March. During these months, the islands experience their optimal weather conditions. Temperatures hover within the 80s, and visitors to the islands' shores will see little to no rainfall during their stay. Keep in mind though, these optimal weather conditions are often met with increased tourism, and heavy crowding can occur at popular attractions.

Conversely, the region's hurricane season is between June and November. During this time, the islands see temperatures ranging from the high 80s to the low 90s and feature a humidity that some travelers often find unbearable. Considering the increased chances of being caught in a tropical storm, traveling during this time may not offer the best experience for your trip.

For this reason, the shoulder months between April and June are the best time to book one of the all inclusive family resorts the US Virgin Islands are famous for. During these spring months, tourists to the islands will meet far fewer tourists than at peak season and will still experience near-optimal weather conditions. While the region does experience slightly more precipitation than during the peak months, rainfalls during this time are quick and heavy. Regardless, there is plenty of sunshine to go around, and temperatures range from the mid-70s to the high 80s.

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Average Family-Friendly Resort Cost

US Virgin Islands' all-inclusive family resort rates vary depending on the quality of the accommodation and the amenities offered. While affordable resort options are available for your base packages, more luxurious accommodation can run several hundred dollars a night more. So, explore the amenities each resort offers to determine which option best fits your family and your budget.

Additionally, when budgeting your family vacation to the US Virgin Islands, it is worth considering the time of year. Inflated rates will often accompany the peak season to compensate for the increased demand. However, those willing to venture into the region's off-season will be met with price reductions between April and June, and luxury resorts can be found for more affordable rates. The islands see even further decreases from June to November, but this comes with the increased risk of being caught in a tropical storm.

Us virgin islands all inclusive family resorts with ocean life.

Family Things to Do in US Virgin Islands

While the luxuries of the family resorts US Virgin Islands are famous for are something to experience in their own right, the real draws to these island paradises are the adventures waiting for you within the tropical waters of the Caribbean and the islands' inlands. Luckily, there are several opportunities to explore the surrounding regions. Some of the best family activities these islands provide include:

  • Spotting leatherback sea turtles at the Sandy Point National Wildlife Reserve.
  • Hiking the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John's.
  • Engaging in water sports within the beautiful Caribbean.
  • Swimming with dolphins on St. Thomas.


US Virgin Islands family vacations offer the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure and have something to offer for all visitors to its tropical shores. Whether you are basking in the sun or exploring the Caribbean's vibrant sea life, memories are waiting at this idyllic paradise.

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