Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Best time to visit costa rica.

Despite being one of the world's countries with diverse climates, if you are a lover of adventure and nature, you should visit Costa Rica. With that in mind, not everyone can enjoy all their climates, so we will consider the best time to travel to Costa Rica.

The best of year to go to Costa Rica is during the dry season, from December through to April. It is the best time to explore the beaches and rainforests. However, the dry season is also a period when rates are higher because part of this period is the peak season where most people like to travel.

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Ever consider when is the rainy season in Costa Rica? It falls between May and November; during this period, rates are cheaper. This is an excellent period for exploring the exuberant forests in the country.

Also, rafting is more fun when the rivers are full. The best time to go to Costa Rica is also the rainy season.

The month to travel to Costa Rica is either July or August. In these months, precipitation is low, and there are no such things as hurricanes.

Average Temperature

Costa Rica has a hot climate throughout the year along the coasts and in the plains. In the plateau, however, you will find a milder climate. There aren’t a lot of variations in temperature in Costa Rica, and this is because of the proximity of the country to the Equator.

  • The hottest months in Costa Rica range from February through to April.
  • The coldest months are between September through November.

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Average Precipitation

Costa Rica is a country that has different microclimates. The period of heavy rainfall is between May and November, while the period with the hottest temperature is between February and April. This means that, while it is raining heavily in one region, the region next to it could be completely dry.

The climate of the southernmost region of the Pacific coast and the eastern coasts and plains shows abundant rainfall all through the year. Whereas on the plateau and the Pacific coast, there are two major seasons. The dry season begins in December and continues to April, and then the rainy season starts in May and runs through to November.

The months where it rains the most are September and October. Be that as it may, this is the best time to visit the Costa Rica Caribbean regions.

Average Tourist Volume

Ranking 3rd in its region, Costa Rica is one of the most visited countries in Central America. The country generates a lot of revenue from tourism alone, despite the significant drop (about 52.2%) in the number of tourists in 2020. Each year, the number of tourists that visit Costa Rica is over 1.7 million.

Costa Rica gets deluged by tourists in either July or August because that is the period when they can get to see the natural wildlife in the country.

A lot of tourists would most likely be packed in the country which is why we recommend that you book a reservation before the start of the peak season – a year before would be better. Waiting for the season before booking a reservation is not a good idea.

Costa Rica is big on tourism and has a lot of tourist attractions. The major seasons are the dry and rainy seasons. You will indeed have a great time when you visit Costa Rica, either alone or with family and friends.

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When is the rainy season in Costa Rica?

The season of precipitation or rain in Costa Rica begins in May and continues to the later part of November. Heavy rainfall is usually experienced in September and October.

When is the hurricane season in Costa Rica?

The hurricane season in the Pacific and Atlantic begins on the 1st of June to the 30th of November. However, since hurricanes and cyclones do not form 50 S and 50 N of the Equator, there is no hurricane season in Costa Rica.

When is the best time to go to Costa Rica?

The best time to visit Costa Rica depends on many things, such as the climate and how much you are willing to incur in costs. If you want lower prices, you should visit between May and November.

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