Fiji Overwater Bungalows

Fiji overwater bungalows.

If you want nothing more peaceful than a relaxing, peaceful, luxurious holiday, then head over to Fiji overwater bungalows as soon as your vacation starts.

Fiji has around 300 islands in the South Pacific near New Zealand and Australia, only half of them is inhabited. Therefore, deciding on the best place to stay in Fiji can be a challenge for a beginner, but not to worry, as we are here to guide you.

The best place to go to our Fiji overwater bungalows is on the island of Viti Levu, the most developed and most significant island in Fiji. The overwater bungalows, also known as Bures, were built by the ancient people; when they made their dwellings, the ancient Fijians were passionate about something - traditional bungalows with thatched roofs.

Which makes you wonder if they foresee the arrival of the magnificent modern-day resorts in Fiji, symbolized by their original Fijian-owned villages - but reserved for modern-day tourists?

Fiji resorts on water.

How to Choose an Overwater Bungalow in Fiji

Fiji overwater bungalows are designed to be more luxurious and spacious than your average hotel room. The scenic view is dreamy while providing you with the best privacy. The luxury Fiji huts on water provide you with an experience that is hard to find anywhere else. While enjoying your afternoon delivery of canapés, you can look down on two large glass panels in place of solid wood and enjoy baby reef sharks swimming below. An essential attraction of these overwater Fiji resorts is the flight of stairs from your deck, right in the water, for a snorkel along the coral reef.

Beautiful overwater huts on Fiji.

Best Time to Visit Fiji

It's always helpful to plan your trip to Fiji water resorts as the weather can become unpredictable.

From January to March: It is the middle of the wet season. When it does not rain, temperatures are high, but humidity can force some visitors to return. The most significant risk of storms is also in these months. Gradually, rainfall becomes shorter but heavier, with sunlight shining soon after than with cloudy skies that last for days.

April to October: As heavy rains begin to fall in the middle of April, marking the end of the storm and humidity era. The dry season starts in May, and the weather cools quickly and dries up. The start of June to August is the best weather, with heavy rains (hopefully) gone, low humidity, and the dry and clear days that are always associated with the start of a busy season. The nights are cool, which makes it easier to sleep. Till October is the dry and pleasant weather.

November to December: The rainy season, also called 'summer,' begins in November and lasts until April. Temperatures can be increased by a few degrees (Celsius), while the humidity appears to be very uncomfortable, and hurricanes can happen at any time, so stay alert. Boat trips and airplanes can be delayed, and roads are sometimes flooded, but rain is usually short, and floods are rare, while there is still plenty of sunlight for days.

May-June and September-October provide the best weather in Fiji while avoiding the high July-August hurricanes. These months are a great time to find great deals in water resorts, sightseeing, and water sports.

Average Cost of Fiji Overwater Bungalows

High Season (July, August, December, and January): Fiji ocean huts peak in August, with people coming from different countries to enjoy their holidays. When ocean huts prices increase at Christmas/New Year, boats and flights between the islands are often full, so book in advance. Also, remember: December and January are also in the middle of the rainy season, with frequent hurricanes and canceled boat trips rare.

Shoulder Season (May, June, September, and October): These months are either the beginning or the end of the rainy season, and they do not include the high holiday season. The weather is very comfortable on clear, excellent, and dry days, and prices have not yet gone up. Traveling is easy, and outdoor events begin after the storm season.

Low Time (November, February, March, and April): The good news is that hotel prices are down now, and finding seats on boats and planes has never been a problem — although due to lousy weather, services may be canceled. But rainfall is expected, humidity is generally unpleasant, and hurricanes are always possible.

Fiji  overwater villa.


Living in Fiji overwater resorts is the answer if you want to be alone or completely isolated. The privacy you will receive cannot be compared to any other accommodation type. For couples, the best month to visit is near December so they can experience different festivities with all the privacy they need.

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