Best Time to Visit Thailand

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Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations when it comes to cultural heritage and displays, natural sights, and vegetation. The beautiful beaches in the country are also a bonus. Months from November to April are popular for tourists planning to visit the country due to the perfect weather conditions and average precipitation. Keep reading to learn more about the best time to visit Thailand.

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Weather in Thailand

The most prevalent weather condition in Thailand is tropical (wet) and humid (dry) weather. Thailand has so many tropical rain forests, which give the country its tropical climate. Thailand's weather condition is generally divided into the hot, cold, and rainy seasons. The hot season usually starts from February to June, while the rainy season in Thailand begins in June and ends around October. The cold season is between October and February.

During the rainy season, the weather is mostly hot and sunny, with sudden rainfalls. In Thailand, it rains mostly in the late afternoons and evenings. In the hot season, January is usually the least humid month, and March is the hottest and driest month.

The best time to go to Thailand is between November to April, when the weather conditions are most favorable. The average temperature within these months is around 84 to 93℉.

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Average Temperature

Thailand has a subtropical climate which makes the country mostly hot and humid. The average temperature in Thailand is between 90 and 97℉ across the country. However, some areas are colder or hotter than other areas. In Bangkok, for instance, the temperature could fall as low as 77 to 86℉ at night during the cold weather.

Some states in the southern part of the country, on the other hand, do not experience much cold. The typical temperature in Thailand during the day is 93℉. In the hottest months, the country's temperature could be as high as 104 degrees.

January to April is usually very sunny, with the average temperature usually falling within 93℉. The period is great for visiting the beaches or participating in outdoor recreational activities. January is generally the least humid month, while February and March are the driest and sunniest. Plus, during the hot season, you'll be able to visit must-see World Heritage Sites, like the Similan Islands.

Average Precipitation

The average precipitation in Thailand is about 1498 millimeters annually, which is approximately 59 inches. The average monthly precipitation is about 4.9 inches (approximately 125 millimeters). January has the least precipitation, and September has the highest.

Early in the rainy season in Thailand, the rainfall is low and only falls for a few minutes or hours. These periods are hot and mostly dry. The rainfall increases as the season progresses. The rainy season is at its peak in September, when the country experiences an average of 344 millimeters.

Average Tourist Volume

The quietest months in Thailand are from May to September, when the weather conditions are considered inconvenient to most people. The number of tourists drops dramatically this time, and the general hospitality price decreases significantly. During this period, people may also experience hot weather from time to time.

More discounts are usually recorded from July to September in different services and commodities. Accommodation costs are reduced, flights and tour fees are also reduced. The tourist volumes within these periods are typically low. The class of tourists one can find this time are people who are prepared for the weather condition, people who prefer quieter environments, or people looking to cut down tourism costs.

The busiest time of the year is between November to March due to the many cultural and social activities that take place in those periods. For example, there is the Lopburi Monkey Festival which takes place in November, and the popular Chinese New Year that takes place from December 31st to January 1st. The flower festival takes place in February, while the water splashing festival (Songkran) is celebrated in April. Millions of tourists each year are attracted to these events, making the country a bit crowded.

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Generally, the best month to visit Thailand is November, as some tourist destinations are only available seasonally. For instance, the Andaman Sea islets are only open to the public within November and April.


When is Rainy Season in Thailand?

The rainy season in Thailand falls between June and October. September is known to have the highest density. Weather conditions, however, fluctuate during the rainy season.

When is The Best Time to Visit Thailand?

November to April is the best time to travel to Thailand. There is an endless stream of activities available for the pleasure of tourists. There are also so many cultural activities that take place in this period.

When is Monsoon Season in Thailand?

The Monsoon season is the period in Thailand where the climatic condition of the country hot and humid. During the Monsoon season, the country will experience torrential rainfalls with generous sunshine.

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