Honolulu All-Inclusive Resorts

Honolulu all inclusive resorts.

A trip to Hawaii would be incomplete without a stay in Honolulu. This is the capital city of Hawaii that is on the island of Oahu. It is a vibrant city with much to see and do and is a good starting point for exploring the other islands of Hawaii as well. Hawaii is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear aquamarine waters that you can swim, snorkel, or surf in. There is much to see and do in Honolulu from exploring the local Hawaiian culture to shopping and finding a restaurant offering delicious food.

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, then choosing to stay at one of the all-inclusive resorts in Honolulu is a smart move to make. Staying at one of the Honolulu, Hawaii all-inclusive resorts can make your life easier and make planning your vacation just that much simpler.

Much of the stress before a holiday comes from sorting out all the logistics and deciding on accommodation, meals, activities, and so on. This can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, but choosing an all-inclusive resort can help with part of this process, and in some cases, the resort may even offer activities or tours that you can also participate in and sign up for ahead of time.

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Best Time to Visit Honolulu All-Inclusive Resorts

Deciding when to visit Honolulu and when to stay in a Honolulu all-inclusive hotel can be tricky. There is the weather and costs you should consider, as well as if there are particular events you may want to attend.

  • The climate is tropical and wet, with rain falling at some stage almost every day.
  • The season when storms are likely to occur is between October to March.
  • Peak time for hurricanes is August to September but these very rarely impact Hawaii.
  • The highest temperatures run from June through to October.
  • It is less hot from December to March, but the risk of storms is also higher at this time.

To avoid crowds of tourists, you can visit between April and June, or you can visit sometime between September and November.

Avoid visiting the island in late December and early January when you have many people flying over to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Prices for accommodation at all-inclusive hotels in Honolulu, and the costs of airfare are likely to peak during these holiday times. It is best for tourists to book at Honolulu all-inclusive hotels outside of the busy time if they want to save money.

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Average Cost of All-inclusive Resorts in Honolulu

You can expect a Honolulu all-inclusive resort to help you avoid unexpected costs, because more services are included upfront. You have a better idea of costs and can budget more easily when you stay at one of the Honolulu resorts that are all-inclusive. The cost of an all-inclusive resort is likely to set you back at least $240 a night or more depending on the hotel and what all is included in the resort. Since Honolulu is the capital city, and the main tourist spot in Hawaii, the prices tend to be quite high for tourist accommodation.

An all-inclusive resort in Honolulu will be more expensive than a regular hotel that does not offer anything other than basic accommodation. However, paying for meals and drinks separately can also add up. The transparency of fees at all-inclusive resorts in Honolulu gives you a better idea of the average cost per day excluding travel.

Meals can add a lot to the bill so having that organized through your resort may be a better option than paying for separate meals. It also takes the hassle out of deciding where to eat each meal on each day of your trip. The cost of the resort you choose may vary depending on what extra activities they provide and also what the location is. You can expect a high cost for hotels that are right on the beachfront.

  • The cheapest time to visit Hawaii and most affordable time to stay in one of the Honolulu all-inclusive hotels is throughout the off-season which is the months of September to early December.
  • April and May are also often good times when you can find more affordable options and prices may be lower because it is not peak tourism season.
  • The off-season is a good time to look for deals on all-inclusive resorts in Honolulu in Hawaii.

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A visit to Hawaii, specifically Honolulu, should be on your bucket list. Choosing the time to visit and the type of resort you stay in can make a big difference in the price of your trip and how enjoyable it is. An all-inclusive resort is a smart move to make because it makes your life easier and makes planning that much quicker and simpler.

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