Bahamas Overwater Bungalows

Bahamas overwater bungalows.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are waking up to the sound of the tides washing into the coastline and back into the sea or to the feeling of the sea breeze playing tunes with your curtain. That's only one of the many reasons overwater bungalows Bahamas are simply the best.

It's a whole new level of relaxation and calmness of the mind, soul, and body. But apart from this, spending time in overwater bungalow Bahamas is a ticket to luxury and the most amazing view you can ever imagine. Here are some of only the best Bahamas hotels on the water with resorts and they are all at a sweet deal.

But before booking a Bahamas' house on the water, you must first make sure that you aren't seasick. Also, if you want to pick the best Bahamas over the water bungalows, think about your budget, determine who and who would be on the trip with you (because they usually don't allow children on the Bahamas overwater bungalows), browse about the average cost of Bahamas huts on water and settle at a budget that works best for your pocket and your needs.

You would likewise need to determine if you want privacy or not as it would dictate where your Bahamas water bungalow should be located. Finally, list out the things that are of importance to you; swimmable waters, nice view, authentic marine life, and so on.

Bahamas overwater bungalow with pool.

Best Time to Visit Bahamas Overwater Bungalows

The Bahamas has two - well - seasons. There is the dry, cool season that lasts from mid-December to mid-April and then there is the hot and wet season that goes from mid-April back to mid-December. The dry and cool season (mid-December to mid-April) is the best time to go to any over-the-water bungalow in the Bahamas. It is also the peak season for tourists, festivals, and events. However, it is best to book a Bahamas house on water to get a spot when you do come to visit.

From mid-April to mid-December is the wet and hot season where the temperature goes upbringing the summer heat. But there is also the heavy downpour that can sometimes become hurricanes and rainstorms. That's why you shouldn't bother visiting Bahamas overeater bungalows during these times. It won't be a fun trip.

  • Peak season: This is between mid-December and mid-April. The weather is also very favorable during this period. The temperature is within the low 70s so it is a great time to go to the overwater bungalow Bahamas. However, you should be prepared to fight for the best spot. There are also many festivals to attend and things to do while you have lodged at your Bahamas house on the water.
  • Low Season: The low season lasts from mid-April back to mid-December and it is also the time when the temperature goes from the low 70s to mid-80s which in literal terms means from cool to crazy hot during the afternoons. There can also be light showers at the beginning and end of the season with a heavier downpour in the middle. This season also comes with discounted prices on the Bahamas overwater hotels and resorts.
  • Hurricane Season: Though this is not a season on its own, it might be safe to know the hurricane season in the Bahamas. You should also note that the months that experience hurricanes the most are the worst months to visit any Bahamas overwater bungalow. The hurricane season is between June and November and though they are not as reoccurring as the stats, it's better to be safe.

Bahamas bungalows on water top view.

Average Cost of Overwater Bungalows in Bahamas

The cost for overwater bungalows in the Bahamas varies from hotel to hotel, and from season to season. Sometimes a Bahamas overwater hotel can cost more than others because of the location, extra features, design, view, suite, and so on. It's simple — the classier the Bahamas water bungalow, the more expensive it seems to be.

Still, this is not the only Bahamas overeater bungalow price determinant. Another thing that determines the price/cost is the time of the year. As we have explained earlier, Bahamas huts on water cost less during the low season (mid-April to mid-December) and cost more during the high season (mid-December to mid-April).

Bahamas overwater bungalows night photo.


Bahamas hotels on the water are beautiful places to stay during your visit to the Bahamas. And regardless of your must-see goals, the overeater bungalows in the Bahamas already have welcomed you with a touch of royalty. So quick and book one from the ones before it gets booked out. Remember - sweet deals.

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