Costa Rica All-Inclusive Resorts Adults-Only

Costa rica all-inclusive adults only resort.

Costa Rica sets itself apart as a country in Central America that has a huge wealth of natural rainforests, national parks with ample wildlife, waterfalls, volcanoes, and more, all of which make it all too easy to become one with nature.

As a result, most all-inclusive only resorts in Costa Rica have forged a special relationship with nature, offering countless opportunities to admire the rainforests or even the sea from your own window. So, choosing a Costa Rica all-inclusive resorts adults-only that provides travelers with rooms that have a balcony or a terrace can make a big difference in your stay and allow you to enjoy what feels like a true Costa Rican experience.

If you are traveling during the rainy season, make sure that your Costa Rica all-inclusive resorts adults only provide plenty of indoor activities that can provide you with opportunities for relaxing.

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Best Time to Visit Costa Rica Adults Only Resorts

Costa Rica features a rainy season that starts in May and ends in October and has a dry season from November to April. While temperatures do not vary very much and remain around 80 F and that peak at 95 F during the dry season, the rain that befalls tells a whole other story.

If you’re interested in traveling to Costa Rica the best time to travel around this part of Central America is from late November to April. The downside is that many travelers are aware of this and as a result, this has also become the peak season for tourists. So don’t be surprised if you end up having to pay more for your hotel room during these times. From May to August, days are full of clear skies in the morning time but you can expect there to be plenty of rain in the afternoon.

September and October are Costa Rica’s rainiest months of the year, with rainfall taking place nearly all day long.

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Average Cost of Adults-Only Resorts in Costa Rica

Being late November to April is the dry and also the peak season, you’ll find higher rates (30 to 45% up). On the upside, you’ll be able to visit rainforests and enjoy the beach. On the downside, all sites will be crowded as travelers escape from the cold North.

If you're looking for lower hotel rates, the best time to visit Costa Rica is during the rainy, or green, season, from May to November. Even though you´ll need to carry an umbrella and raincoat at all times and visiting certain natural landmarks can turn into a muddy experience, you can still take advantage of the various activities that your resort offers. These may include indoor relaxation activities, and the opportunity to explore the immediate lush surroundings, without worrying about getting too wet.

September and October are the best months to visit Costa Rica as rates are still down while it doesn’t rain much.

Things to Do in Costa Rica for Adults

Given the immense and all-encompassing presence of natural life, visitors can truly revel in the experiences of lush rainforests by going hiking and biking in order to admire the hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, and insects. A popular activity is to embark on guided bird-watching excursions.

Bathed by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, Costa Rica features an abundance of beaches, where travelers can soak in the tropical sun with some beach volleyball and fun water activities.

From these coastal points, travelers can enjoy top-notch surfing and sailing. Marine life plays a major role in the ambiance that permeates throughout this coastal country.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular pastimes that will open a whole new world up as you become acquainted with marine life of all shapes and sizes. Waterfalls hidden in the forests provide great opportunities for kayaking and white water rafting as well which is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

All inclusive resorts in Costa Rica for adults are well known for their relaxing activities and spa treatments. In short, they go beyond just offering you the opportunity to lie around in a hammock. You’ll regularly see people indulging in yoga, dance classes and even pilates, and water aerobics around gorgeous pool areas.

All-inclusive vacations Costa Rica adults only include beach parties with different themes and special cocktail nights that are great for meeting up with other travelers. They are very experienced in organizing exciting grupal outdoor activities and directing engaging specialized classes such as those that deal with cooking and arts and crafts.

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In short, at Costa Rican all-inclusive resorts you can rest assured that your relaxing, adventure, and creative needs are all met for whenever the mood strikes you.

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