Tahiti vs Moorea: Which is Better for You?

Tahiti vs Moorea.

Planning to have a perfect honeymoon trip or fun vacation somewhere in the French Polynesian Islands but can't decide where to go? Tahiti and Moorea are lovely travel destinations with beautiful blue skies, broad ocean views, shining lagoons, and beautiful hotels. Tahiti and Moorea are called the sister islands. That is why people usually think of them as the same. The travel agencies and sites also often use the two destinations interchangeably. However, Tahiti and Moorea are two different places with distinct beauty and advantages.

Moorea is a smaller island than Tahiti, but this does not make it any less beautiful. Then, how does one choose which one to visit? Let's explore!

Bungalow in Tahiti.

Best Time to Visit Tahiti and Moorea

These Islands both share identical temperatures.

When it comes to Tahiti vs Moorea, both areas are only 9km apart and have similar weather conditions. The only difference is in the timings of rainfall. The islands are mostly humid, and the summer season lasts from November through April. There's also rainfall during summer, so avoid traveling during this time if you are not a fan of humidity and rain. If someone plans to scuba dive or enjoy other activities like sunbathing and diving, this might not be the ideal time to visit.

Tahiti is slightly hotter and more humid than Moorea, and the water for diving is warmer. But still, Tahiti or Moorea, which is better based on temperature, is very difficult, as there are not many variations in both areas' weather.

The winter or dry season ranges from April through November in Moorea and Tahiti. During this time, temperatures range from 66,2 F to 84,2 F. Less rain is expected during this time, and people can enjoy more activities. Hence, it is the best time to visit these islands.

Couple at the beach in Moorea.

Tahiti vs Moorea: Average Hotel Prices

The hotels in Tahiti versus Moorea vary in their styles, budgets, and services. Tahiti is larger than Moorea; it offers more accommodation styles and budget ranges. If someone plans to have a luxurious holiday in high-end hotels, Moorea will give plenty of options. It has rooms and guesthouses which are cheaper. It also has lavish rooms and staying options, and when it comes to exclusivity, then Moorea is a step ahead.

There are hotel resorts, overwater bungalows, and serene residences in Moorea. As Tahiti is busier and more populated than Moorea, people prefer to spend more time in the overwater bungalows and pretty resorts in Moorea.

However, the hotel rates are higher in June and July as the temperature is moderate, and that's peak vacation time. Overwater bungalows in Tahiti and Moorea have higher rates due to more honeymoon bookings.

The lower rates of hotels in Tahiti or Moorea can be found in November through May, as the tourists are less due to extreme humid weather and more rain.

Things to Do in Tahiti and Moorea

People usually wonder what's the difference between Tahiti and Moorea's entertainment landscape. It will not be wrong to say that both locations have plenty of fun activities. Tahiti is a little busier and bigger than Moorea. It offers:

  • Many shopping areas
  • Hiking to Fautaua waterfall
  • Rich culture and temples
  • Fun activities, e.g., watersports
  • Lavish resorts near white and black sand beaches
  • Cruises

However, Moorea is a little quieter and more relaxed place than Tahiti. People usually come here to:

  • Relax and enjoy the breathtaking views in the evening
  • Explore hiking trails
  • Try out off-resort activities

Essentially, your vacation goal can help you decide which place is a better choice for you. If you are looking for a developed area with many people, huge hotels with lagoons, classic street food, and big stores for shopping, you will surely like Tahiti more.

Conversely, if looking for more scenic and tropical views of the islands and a relaxed area that is less urban and more like a tropical getaway, then Moorea would be the best option.

Rocks in Tahiti.

Conclusion: Which is Better Tahiti or Moorea?

It is not easy to determine the difference and choose which is better between Tahiti and Moorea. Since they're very close in distance, both places offer similar views, accommodations, and weather. However, you can select based on the aim of the vacation.

Someone who wants to get away from the urban views and experience the true luxury and exclusivity of the tropical lifestyle must choose Moorea. Otherwise, someone who wants to see the beautiful views with the touch of the urban lifestyle should opt for Tahiti.

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