Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a breathtaking and lively Caribbean Island surrounded by incredible mountains, waterfalls, and the famous El Yunque tropical rainforest. There is no better place to have a well-deserved vacation than this stunning and refreshing island. The best time to visit Puerto Rico is in the spring, from the middle of April to June when the winter season is just leaving and right before the warmer rains of summer.

While the end of winter is the best time to enjoy the city, other times to enjoy Puerto Rico's fun times are from December to March, July to September and October to mid-December.

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Weather in Puerto Rico

April to June are the best months to visit Puerto Rico. Around this period, the busy crowds from the winter have started to go back home. The best weather on the island is during the winter; unfortunately, this makes for enormous crowds and hiked prices. But within these months, you can enjoy the rest of the winter without dealing with tons of people soon after. The pleasant, balmy spring weather sits comfortably in the lower 70s and the mid-80s. Fun events to enjoy include the Saborea in April, and the festival de la Pina Paradisiaca in June.

The weather starts to get warmer as July approaches. July to September is unofficially declared as the Puerto Rican off-season for visitors. There is a higher chance of hurricanes, meaning fewer tourists and crowds to fight through. It is also easier to make reservations and find the most fantastic spots to relax. If you are willing to take the risk in this hurricane season, this could be a good time to visit Puerto Rico, as you can shave off a lot of money on your vacation. The Aibonito Flower Festival is also held in June/July.

By the time October rolls around, fall is already in full swing. This is coupled with the more reasonable prices and bearable weather; you will thoroughly enjoy your stay in the tropics. The weather allows for tons of sought-after activities like zip-lining without worrying about large crowds.

December to March is right in the middle of winter and the peak for tourism. While the expensive cost of living might be forgiving in some places, you might not appreciate the plenty of company you get. The Christmas celebrations carry on well into January, giving visitors a lasting feeling of merriness and fun. If you do not mind the cold, high prices, or the sizable crowds, December to March is an excellent time to visit Puerto Rico. Fun events to enjoy in this period include The Nochebuena in December and the Fiesta de Los Reyes Magos in January.

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Average Temperature

The average temperature in Puerto Rico in mid-April is 72.9-85.8℉. Tourists still around in May get an average of 74.5-87.38℉, while June visitors get a temperature average of 76.1-85.8℉. Winter is always the best season to visit Puerto Rico. The weather is nice and chilly, coupled with Christmas and the new year celebrations. Hence, why do you find more tourists on the island at this time of the year.

When July rolls in, the average temperature is 76.8-88.5℉. The weather gets hotter in August, with an average of 76.6-88.7℉ and even more so in September, with an average of 76.3-88.9℉.

As the year ends, the weather starts to get cool again. In October, the average temperature in Puerto Rico is still a little on the warm side, with an average of 75.6-88.3℉. Tourists who are just coming in for the winter of November see average temperatures of 73.9-85.8. The winter has fully set in when December with temperatures averaging 72.3-83.8℉.

By December, the average temperature is 72.3-83.8℉. Tourists ring in the new year with colder temperatures averaging 70.9-83.1℉ in January, 70.5-83.7℉ in February, and warmer numbers in March — 71.6-84.4℉.

Average Precipitation

In April, which may be the best month to go to Puerto Rico for the winter, the average precipitation is 3.76 in. May sees more rain with average precipitation at 5.9inches, which is significantly more than the average in June, which is 4inches.

In July, the average precipitation is 4.37 inches, while August sees an exponential increase in precipitation with an average of 5.32 inches. The average dips slightly in September at 5.28inches.

Precipitation rises markedly in October, with an average of 7.71inches, and continues to do so in November with an average precipitation of 5.94inches. Precipitation drops significantly in December at an average of 4.72inches.

Starting with an average of 4.72 in December, the numbers continue dropping. January has an average precipitation of 2.81, February with even less at 2.15 in, and things pick up in March, which has an average of 2.35 in.

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Average Tourist Volume

December to March has the highest tourist volumes but experiences a slight dip in the middle of February. Things pick up again in March, and a steady decline begins in April. The tourist volume is not too high that getting around is tedious, but not too low that things become boring. By July, the steady tourist volume takes a drastic dip until mid-September. And then, the later months of the year get a healthy increase in crowds.


When is the best time to go to Puerto Rico?

While the end of winter is the best time to enjoy the city, other times to enjoy entertainment in Puerto Rico are December to March, July to September, and October to mid-December.

When is hurricane season in Puerto Rico?

Official hurricane season begins in July and carries on till late November.

When is the rainy season in Puerto Rico?

The rainy season in Puerto Rico begins in April and sticks around till November. The driest months are December through March.

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