Honeymoon in Dominican Republic

Dominican republic  honeymoon couple.

Vacations often hold precious memories that form the bedrock of the relationship in the future. So, a lot is dependent on just how well the trip goes; get it right, and it could become the start of a beautiful adventure as a couple.

When it comes to fairy tale getaways, the Dominican Republic all inclusive honeymoon is an excellent choice for you and yours. It boasts picturesque beaches, stunning scenery, and very affordable resorts.

Choosing the Dominican Republic is a stellar decision, and it is excellent advice to follow that with wise decision regarding what best honeymoon resort or hotel in the Dominican Republic will suit your desired taste.

Perhaps you seek the Dominican Republic honeymoon packages — with a guide, themed lodging, and dining, then a resort is just your speed. But if you are drawn to a more luxurious, relaxing experience with a nice bed, a spa, then a hotel is a perfect choice.

Here’s the thing though, regardless of your choice of accommodation, the Dominican Republic offers equal magic to all its love-struck vacationers. And as long you choose the Dominican Republic honeymoon package suited for you and your partner, you are off to a memorable stay.

Dominican republic honeymoon landscape.

Best Time for Honeymoon in Dominican Republic

It's not enough to opt for a Dominican Republic honeymoon, even though it is the perfect spot for your honeymoon, you also need to make sure you time your trip right.

For the best time to visit, you should plan your honeymoons to the Dominican Republic around April and May, when the tourist rush fizzes off. It is also when you get the best weather before the onset of the hurricane season. This period is perfect for a warm and memorable Dominican honeymoon.

But if you do not mind mixing in with other eager tourists who are looking to escape the harshness of winter, then you can schedule your vacation for around December. The Dominican Republic is warmer around this time and offers a soothing escape from the freezing temperatures up north.

The Dominican Republic does not lack holidays and festivals either, having two independence days; one in February and another in August. So, if you want your vacation to be marked with a bit of culture, celebration, and colors, you are in for a real treat.

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Average Cost

Before you visit the Dominican Republic, there’s a lot you need to consider: the cost of the flight, your lodging, and what tourist activities you might be interested in. A Dominican Republic honeymoon with all inclusive packages can cost you anywhere from $100 to $300 per day.

You can, however, schedule your trip so that you get the cheapest flight tickets. For affordable flight prices to the best honeymoon resorts Dominican Republic, August is the best time to save money. Even though August is considered a “wet season”, it only gets short bursts of rain in the evening.

As said earlier, the peak season for tourists is around December and January, but this would mean you’d have to engage with literal crowds of people. Outside of this high season, an average tourist can spend at least $50 on food and local transportation.

While planning your honeymoon in the Dominican Republic note that in August cheap accommodations are available. Prices for lodging in the resorts drop considerably during this period so think to pick the most affordable Dominican Republic honeymoon all inclusive packages.

Dominican republic honeymoon beach.

Things to Do in Dominican Republic for Honeymoon

For couples just like you that have chosen to honeymoon in Dominican Republic, you are guaranteed a romantic, luxurious and pristine experience. It contains a host of beautiful towns, beaches and landmarks for you.

If you want an unforgettable experience, the town of Punta Cana offers a magical collection of beaches and fun spots for you and your beloved.

Here are four of the best things to do on your honeymoon in the Dominican Republic:

  • Walk along the Punta Cana beaches: This is probably the most romantic thing to do, be sure to make it first on your itinerary as well. It is free.
  • Have a relaxing day at the spa: Punta Cana has some of the best honeymoon resorts in Dominican Republic with luxurious spa areas. It costs around $50.
  • Visit Isla Saona: This is the most popular natural attraction the Dominican Republic offers. It is a literal paradise, barely an hour from Punta Cana, with turquoise waters waiting for you to dive into them. You can also explore the waters on a rented yacht as well.
  • Enjoy the sunset sipping a cocktail: At the day’s end, there’s no better way to crown it than to enjoy a cold by the beach, watching the orange hue of the sun as it sets on a magical day.

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