St. Croix All-Inclusive Family Resorts

St. Croix All-Inclusive Family Resorts.

If you want a blissful Caribbean vacation appropriate for families with children, you should check out St Croix. Compared to other islands, there are a lot of St Croix resorts for families and plenty of child-friendly activities to do. Besides, there are many things to do outside of the resorts, like zip lines, waterparks like Coral World, and more, making it more than just a beach holiday. In addition to this, St Croix family resorts are a lot more affordable for large groups than you would find for a typical all-inclusive holiday. You're spoilt for choice, with over 50 plus St. Croix resorts for families to choose from. However, to choose the right resort, you have to consider a few things like the total cost for your family, time of year, and activities to do.

Therefore, to help you with your decision-making, check out our table of the best St Croix all-inclusive family resorts.

Best st croix all inclusive family resort.

Best Time to Visit St Croix with Family

Often one of the best times to go to St Croix all-inclusive family resorts is between April-June as there's not much rainfall, making it fun to do any activity. Similarly, the temperature is quite mild, making it a great time for many families to visit. Typically, it averages 70°F - 80°F.

  • December-March: If you want to visit St Croix family resorts, this is the peak time. These months see a lot of tourists due to the Christmas season. Most days have consistent temperatures of 80°F.
  • April-June: Temperatures typically stay between 70°F - 80°F; however, tourists start to decline. If you're looking for cheaper St Croix family resorts, then this is a good time to visit as prices drop before the hurricane season comes.
  • July-November: This time of year, you'll find the cheapest hotels and package deals St. Croix all-inclusive family resorts have to offer. It is also the hurricane season, so expect lots of storms, heavy rain, and hot temperatures. The temperature stays in the 80s throughout this time.

Swimming pool in st croix all inclusive family resort.

Average Cost of Family Resorts in St. Croix

The cost of St Croix family resorts can vary according to many factors. When deciding when to go there as a family, you must consider your schedule, temperature preference, budget, and type of accommodation you'd like to stay in St Croix.

For instance, if you're traveling with a big family and your budget is scarce, you might want to visit in July-November, as the accommodation on the island is the cheapest then. However, if you don't like hot weather and can't handle storms, then the next cheapest month is to visit St. Croix all-inclusive family resorts in January as this is just the start of the tourist season. From February to March, prices start to increase for St Croix resorts for families, being the most expensive due to the island's surge of tourists.

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Family Things to Do in St. Croix

Even though St Croix is a small island that's only 22 miles long, there are many things you can do with your children on it. There's so much to do on the island, such as visiting water parks, beaches, shopping, historical sites, etc. It's highly unlikely that both adults and kids will get bored; there's something to do for everyone. If you like snorkeling, you might want to get the whole family and visit Buck Island. Buck Island is a great day trip that's a national park, most of which is underwater. If you like animals, nearby is a turtle island, where many turtles nest. There are even dolphins nearby where you see them swimming. There's Sandy Point National Wild Refuge is also where many animals are undergoing rehabilitation. Here you'll typically find many animals like stingrays and sea turtles, making it a fun experience for children. You can hike around the refuge, allowing your inner explorer needs to be fulfilled.

On the other hand, if the kids get bored of the pool and beach, St Croix has many culture-rich and historical hotspots. Step back in time for an insightful education session at the Fort in Christiansted National Park. If you want to make unique memories and get the whole family involved, regular crab races happen on the island. These races occur at hotels, bars, restaurants, and many more accessible locations. Each crab bet is only around $2, and it's a fun event to attend.


Overall, St Croix all inclusive family resorts are plentiful, and there's a lot to consider when choosing to stay in them. The best time to stay in St Croix all-inclusive family resorts is between April-June as the island does not see much rainfall. However, if you want to save some money, you might wish to visit in July-November. Alongside the St Croix resorts for families resorts, there are a lot of activities to do on the island, for both young kids and adults.

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