Best Time to Visit St. Thomas

Best time to visit st thomas.

When you consider factors such as climate conditions, travel costs, and the need to avoid periods when holidays are at their peak. St Thomas best time to visit is April through June. During this period, tourists would experience mild weather and little amount of rainfall, with an average of 1-2 inches per month. Of course, prices for items increase during the periods.

The temperature tends to be lower during high seasons than during the rainy seasons. The peak times, which are between December and May, often come with temperatures as high as 80°F with breezy evenings. The region’s hurricane season is during the summer months June to November when the average temperature gets to 86OF. This is the worst and the most unpopular time to visit St Thomas.

Beach in st Thomas.

Weather in St. Thomas

In St Thomas, the sun shines through the day while it becomes warmer at night. Trade winds blow across the island to keep the humidity low. Most of the showers only last for a few minutes. The average annual rainfall is 50 inches. Both September and October are often not as wet as the months when winter is experienced.

The least rainfall is experienced in February, while August could be regarded as the warmest month of the year.

The summer months are partly cloudy and comfortable while the winter months are mostly cloudy, windy, snowy, and, of course, freezing. The months June, July, August, September, October, and November are the hurricane seasons. If you want to plan for the best time of year to visit St Thomas, then you should avoid these periods.

March is the month when St Thomas has the least humid while it gets to the peak in November. However, it is windiest in July, then June and August.

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Average Temperature

For most parts of the year, the average temperature is stable though with rare changes. During the period when the temperature is stable, you can always be sure you’d experience hot but less temperate weather with a probability of rain during most times of the year. This is a result of the humid nature of the island.

In June, the average temperature in St Thomas is between 86-89OF. Sometimes, it gets as high as 90OF. However, it plummets to an average of 75-78OF at night. Unless you want to participate in warm-weather activities, the best time to travel to St Thomas would be any other months but the hottest months.

While making your preparations, you need to be also aware that August is the warmest month. Throughout this time, temperatures are as high as 90.8OF during the day and as low as 78.9OF at night. A great chance for the occurrence of hurricanes is between July and November, so it`s not the best time to visit St Thomas.

Average Precipitation

Rain accounts usually from March to December, though you may experience lesser rain in March and June. September is the wettest time of the year. However, considering the average raining period of 12.37 days, January has the highest number of rainy days.

Also, snow occurs in late February and early March, though it’s usually infrequent and inconsistent. In January, snow may be experienced for about 5.2 days.

Of course, the best time of year to go to St Thomas is when you have the least wet days, usually the later part of December and early April.

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Average Tourist Volume

No less than 1.5 million tourists flock to St Thomas each year. Despite the varying weather conditions during the year, the region often attracts a few tourists between November and December. The reason is unfavorable weather conditions that characterized the period.

Based on the clear weather and rainless period that often characterized months between June and early September, many tourists consider them the best time to travel to St Thomas. For instance, over the years, August has always witnessed the highest volume. Of course, it is expected that accommodations and other services will be a bit steeper during the high season.


The best time to go to St Thomas would be when?

The best time to go to St. Thomas is between early April and mid-June. During the periods, the weather is mild and friendly. Also, there is little precipitation.

When do hurricanes occur in St Thomas?

Hurricanes often occur in St Thomas between July and October. This is why most tourists consider them not the best time to go to St. Thomas.

When does it rain in St Thomas rainy?

It rains in St Thomas between September and February. While it rains heavily in September, the least amount of daily precipitation is in February.

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