Best Time to Visit St. Lucia

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Hello there, vacationers and travelers. Visiting a place as you know requires a little pre-information about your destination. You got to know how much to budget, the best hotels, must-see spots, must-eat foods, and so on. As you must have also guessed, you need to know the best time to visit. In St. Lucia, there are great sunny times with buzzing beaches and clear skies. Then, there are also hurricanes and very unpleasant seasons. Although we are not here to talk about the must-eat and the must-go, we just want to let you know when the best time to visit St Lucia is. And as a bonus for reaching the end, we'll throw in the best time to visit St. Lucia with low or high tourist volume. So, grab your seat belts and tighten your shoelaces. This will be a fun ride.

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Weather in St. Lucia

Let’s start here – the best time to travel to St. Lucia is based on the weather. If we take a look at St. Lucia as a whole, we'll say it is generally warm all year round and all months are great for traveling. Why? Records show that Saint Lucia has an average temperature between 84°F (23°C) and 87°F (31°C). If this sounds like gibberish to you – we gat you. It means that the weather is usually warm with a light breeze. There are also small clouds in the sky and at the beginning of the rainy season, there can be small showers and wind.

But if we look at the months individually, it’s not so perfect. Some months are not favorable, more humid, and stormy like September and October. While other months are dry or cold. Some months are also cool like January to April which makes them the best time to travel to St. Lucia. And from May to December, the rainy season begins. The hurricane season is somewhere in-between, usually between August and November. So, naturally, this period is not one of St. Lucia's best times to visit.

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Average Temperature

Let’s talk a little bit about the temperature now – the hottest, coldest, and best months to visit St. Lucia. St. Lucia has a tropical climate so the average temperature is usually warm with gentle breezes all year round. But during the dry season, some cities in St. Lucia are hot, extremely windy, and oppressive. However, if we look at the data generally, there isn’t any obvious line between the coldest and the hottest months as one might think. Although there can be variations of cool and dry from the beginning of the year to April. There can also be variations of humid and rainy from around May to December. However, the ideal time to visit St. Lucia is January to April, when the weather is cool and mildly windy.

Average Precipitation

When it comes to the amount of rainfall (precipitation), the chances of having too much or little rain also vary. Averagely, we can say that St. Lucia is a humid place due to the tropical climate. According to the data available, the months with the most rainfall starts from May till December, with September and October, carrying the month with the most rainfall. The driest months are from January to April (noting that there are only two seasons in St. Lucia – wet and dry season). When it comes to the driest month, March is the month with the fewest rainy days.

So, when is the best month to go to St. Lucia according to its precipitation data? Well, based on categorization, data, and statistics, the best month to visit St. Lucia is from January to April.

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Average Tourist Volume

The more tourist volume there is, the more expensive hotels, resorts, and restaurants are. But at the same time, the more the tourists visit, the more the festivals and events. So knowing the tourist volume would help you know the best time to visit St. Lucia.

There is always a large influx of tourists around mid-December to mid-May. This is also not the best period to visit Saint Lucia tourist centers because of too many crowds. Then, the beaches are usually warmest from January till April, with light showers and partly cloudy skies. From August to November, St. Lucia usually experiences hurricanes, (especially September and October). Therefore, these months are not the best time of the year to visit St. Lucia.


When is the rainy season in St. Lucia?

St. Lucia's rainy season starts from May till December. Within these months also lies Saint Lucia’s hurricane season. It is not the best period to visit St. Lucia.

When is the best time to travel to St. Lucia?

The best time to travel to St. Lucia is when there is not much rain and the temperature is mild. This is between January and April.

When does Hurricane come in St. Lucia?

The hurricane season here is during the rainy season. However, there are also hurricanes from August till November.

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