Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Best time to visit hawaii.

Hawaii is a state in the U.S. near the Pacific Ocean. It has about eight islands out of which you can visit only six. They include; Kauai, Maui, Niihau, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Hawaii (aka the Big Island), Oahu, and Molokai. The Niihau and Kahoolawe islands are restricted to preserve Hawaii's past and present culture.

Ever wonder, when is the best time to visit Hawaii? The period that would be the most perfect time to visit Hawaii is anywhere from March through to October. During this period, the island's temperature is very high, and there is little or no rainfall. Since there is less rainfall, the beach would be best enjoyed during this period.

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Weather in Hawaii

Be that as it may, the weather in Hawaii makes any month of the year a good time to visit.

When considering the best time of the year to go to Hawaii, you need to keep in mind that there are two major seasons in Hawaii – the rainy season and the dry season.

The rainy season in Hawaii begins from November and goes on straight through to March.

The dry season begins from April and runs through to October. If you have a problem with high temperature and humidity, this might not be a good option for you.

Hurricane season in Hawaii is between June and November. However, the chances of hurricanes occurring in Hawaii are pretty low.

Average Temperature

Hawaii is located in the Central Pacific, and since being the only state in the U.S that is within the tropics and is closer to the temperature of the Equator, the state has a mild temperature.

The temperature is generally between 73 0F and 86 0F all year long. However, the weather becomes rainy and cool when the year draws to a close.

  • The driest month in Hawaii is June.
  • The sunniest month is July.
  • The hottest month, having a maximum average temperature of 88 0F (31 0C), is August.
  • The coldest month with a maximum average temperature of 79 0F (26 0C) is February.

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Average Precipitation

Winds only come from the east and northeast, and because it is close to the Pacific Ocean, there is a little difference in precipitation even between distances that are not very far apart.

Average Tourist Volume

Due to the great weather in May, the visitors to Hawaii are usually more in that month than in any other month of the year. As of best month to visit, the average day-by-day census showed 190,491 visitors.

Best Month to Visit Hawaii

Although hurricanes are rare in Hawaii, hurricane season begins in June through November.

Generally, the best months to visit Hawaii are as follows:

  • April: This month is a really good month to visit Hawaii. Rates are cheap, the weather is warm, and there are fewer visitors on the island except for holidays.
  • May: This is generally the best time to vacation in Hawaii. The weather in Hawaii is best in May, and the rates are better in this month than in any other month of the year. There isn’t much threat of rainfall or hurricanes.
  • September: This is another good month to consider the best time to visit Hawaii. The weather is good in September, and it is also great for you if you don’t fancy large crowds. The visitors during this month are a lot less compared to other months allowing you time to relax.
  • October: This is one other month believed to be the best time to go to Hawaii. The weather is good, and it is the month where most of the events and festivities take place.

The best month overall is May because this is the month where the weather is best, and the rates for reservations are less expensive.

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Going on a vacation to Hawaii could be memorable for you and your family. Ensure you are well informed of the temperature so that you can best enjoy every bit of your vacation.


When is the best time to go to Hawaii?

In terms of climate, the best time to visit Hawaii is the month of May because there is little or no chance of rainfall or hurricanes.

When is hurricane season in Hawaii?

The hurricane season in Hawaii is when a hurricane storm is expected to hit Hawaii. Although the chance of a hurricane hitting Hawaii is rare, the season is between June and November.

When is Hawaii’s rainy season?

The rainy season in Hawaii starts from November and continues to March. Although it is the rainy season, there sometimes isn't much rainfall.

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