Best Time to Visit Jamaica

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Hot sunny days while relaxing in the warm sand and Caribbean Ocean is what everybody expects when visiting Jamaica. And while this is usually the experience in Jamaica, there are better times than others where you will have this ideal weather. Learn the best time to visit Jamaica and the weather to pack for during your trip.

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Weather in Jamaica

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica has a tropical climate across the island. As a result, visitors can consistently look forward to hot summers and warm winters every year. Jamaica is above the Equator, so it's summer months, or the hottest months are June to August. The winter season happens from December to February. But as with most other tropical climate destinations, a better classification for the seasons is dry and rainy. The dry and rainy seasons create distinct weather patterns and impact the best time to visit Jamaica. Travelers can expect clear, sunny skies with little to no precipitation during the dry season, from November to June. The hot temperatures cause very little humidity.

The rainy season in Jamaica lasts from July to October when the weather is more humid. Travelers will experience heavy daily showers. This season also coincides with hurricane season due to the significant weather changes every day.

The days are bright and long in Jamaica! It has over eight hours of sunlight on its longest days during the summer.

Average Temperature

The predictable weather makes it easy to determine the best time to go to Jamaica. Its weather patterns are consistent so that you can be prepared during your visit.

The hottest months in Jamaica are from June to August—it's also part of the rainy season with very high humidity. Temperatures can easily peak in the 90s and rarely go below the 80s, even at night. So, stay hydrated with rum punch because you're likely to sweat anytime you spend lots of time outdoors. Luckily, the cool breezes from the ocean make it bearable. Winter has the driest yet coolest months in Jamaica, but for tropical climates, temperatures only drop as low as the mid-70s in January but average in the mid-80. This season also has the warmest water conditions in the mid-70s to low-80s, thanks to having an entire season to warm up.

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Average Precipitation

Traveling between July and October means that you'll experience the rainy season in Jamaica. Unfortunately, it's also higher chances of hurricanes, making it the worst time to visit Jamaica. The rainy season in Jamaica consists of daily thunderstorms, although they may only last a couple of hours at most and leave plenty of sunlight hours to enjoy your trip.

Kingston, the capital, gets much less rainfall throughout the year thanks to the nearby Blue Mountains, which causes slight weather differences depending on where you are on the island. It averages close to 30-inches of rain every year, compared to other top destinations like Ocho Rios, which averages 60-inches. Keep in mind that higher elevations receive more rainfall than the plains regions. So, if you're planning on hiking in the Blue Mountains, be sure to come prepared with a rain jacket.

Average Tourist Volume

Jamaica is one of the most visited Caribbean Islands, making tourism one of the biggest local economies. It hosts over four million visitors each year.

The peak travel season is from January to April, the best time to travel to Jamaica. These months have the best weather conditions for snowbirds looking for a beach getaway destination to escape the cold. The tropical weather is ideal, in addition to receiving the least amount of rain and the warmest water conditions to enjoy the range of outdoor activities like swimming, diving, and hiking.

If you want to beat the crowds, consider visiting in November or December, when Jamaica transitions to its dry season, yet just before all the tourists arrive. It's the best time of year to go to Jamaica.

The low season for traveling to Jamaica is from July to October when it has its rainy and hurricane season. But if you want to take advantage of the travel deals at this time, consider visiting Kingston. It's a popular summertime destination thanks to the unusual weather compared to other much rainier locations.

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When is hurricane season in Jamaica?

Hurricane season in Jamaica lasts from July to October, when the island has hot weather combined with its rainy season. Most hurricanes happen in July and August. It's the worst time to visit Jamaica due to the risk of advisories for weather alerts when traveling during these months.

When is the best time to go to Jamaica?

The best time of year to visit Jamaica is mainly dependent on the weather and the activities you have planned during your trip. Overall, the best time to go to Jamaica is during the winter months between December-February when you can take advantage of perfect tropical weather.

When is the rainy season in Jamaica?

Jamaica's weather is characterized by the dry season and rainy season. Jamaica's rainy season lasts from July to October, although some years can see heavy rainfall starting as early as April. Hurricane season also happens during the rainy season.

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