Best time to Visit Cabo

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Cabo San Lucas is rated as one of the top 5 tourist destinations in Mexico. The city houses the famous Playa del Amor beach that all lovers yearn to visit, and many other tour-worthy beaches that keep tourists coming every year. The weather is usually sunny and appropriate for tourists to explore the city. Apart from the tour-worthy sites in Cabo, the local dishes and accommodations available make your stay worth the while.

Wondering when is the best time of year to go to Cabo? You don't want to visit when the weather conditions are harsh. The best time to go to Cabo San Lucas is when the weather is not too hot or cold. Harsh weather conditions will only make your tour uncomfortable and cut it short. If your sole purpose is to tour Cabo, then the best time to travel to Cabo is from May to June. Those are the months between the end of winter and the start of summer when the weather is just right for tourist visits.

If you are not in Cabo for the beaches, then you can visit anytime between December and April too. That is the period after the rainy season and before the Pacific hurricane season begins. There are also several interesting festivals within those months.

Beautiful beach in Cabo at the best time to vist.

Weather in Cabo San Lucas

The spring break season in Cabo starts in December and ends in April. During that period, you get to see amazing aquatic animals and experience a host of festivals. The weather is usually mild with a high of 68°F and a low of 59°F on average. There is also minimal rainfall during that period. For some tourists, this period qualifies as one of the best times to go to Cabo San Lucas.

As spring break closes, the shoulder season begins around May and stays all through June. The crowd in Cabo is usually minimal because spring has just ended, and summer is coming through. This factor of a moderate temperature, combined with little to no rainfall and a breathing space for tourists is what makes this period the best time to visit los Cabos.

July welcomes summer into Cabo and many tourists go home because of the weather conditions. If you choose this time to visit Cabo, it means you will be staying mostly indoor and there will not be a lot of sightseeing as it’s the Cabo rainy season, which runs well into September. There is also the risk of a hurricane happening during this period, although most storms occur in September. To be on the safer side, you might want to steer clear of the city between August and September.

In the fall season, which runs from October to November, the rain reduces to a few drops, the temperature drops, and the weather becomes much cooler. The area is usually less crowded, and everyone is preparing for the winter season. If you love privacy, this period would be your best time to travel to Cabo San Lucas.

Swimming pool in Cabo resort at the best time to go.

Average Temperature

On average, the annual temperature of Cabo falls between 50°F and 86.81°F. January is usually the coldest month in Cabo while July is the hottest. Summer days are mostly humid in Los Cabos but when the wind blows from the ocean, temperature drops, and the atmosphere becomes cooler. In winter, the night temperature can drop as low as 50°F with the daytime temperature hovering around 68°F.

Many people visit Cabo during the months of December to March. That is because most of the festivals happen during those times and the temperature is bearable for tourism. The days are not too hot, and the evening wind is just perfect. There is also a very low probability that a hurricane happens during the winter season.

Average Precipitation

The average yearly precipitation in Cabo is about 220 mm which means there is usually limited rainfall in the place. Los Cabos experiences higher rainfall from August to October. Precipitation in the month of September is usually the highest of the three rainy months with an average of 80mm annually. Throughout the year, it rains for an average of 60 days in total. The driest months are April and May with 0mm average precipitation annually.

The hurricane season of Cabo occurs between the rainiest months of the year. Although it rarely occurs, it is best to wait till the rainy season is over before visiting Cabo to avoid hurricanes.

Rocks and ocean view Cabo at the best time of year to visit.

Average Tourist Volume

An average of three million people visit Los Cabos every year through air and cruises. Records show that the highest tourist visit months are between May and June, January, and April. Those months are the times when tourists flock to Cabo San Lucas for the festivals and appearance of magnificent Sea creatures.


When is the best time to go to Cabo?

The best time to go to Los Cabos is between May and June. It is the period between the end of the winter season and the beginning of summer. The weather is usually cool and appropriate for touring the city.

When is hurricane season in Cabo?

The Pacific hurricane season runs between August to September. That is during summer rainy season and the end of the fall season.

When is the rainy season in Cabo?

Cabo's rainy season falls between August and September. Other months may experience little rainfall too but not as much as the periods between August and September.

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