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As a common port island for many Caribbean cruises, St. Thomas is often considered the gateway to the idyllic US Virgin Islands. And while the territory consists of three main islands and about 50 lesser islands and cays, none quite compare to St. Thomas when it comes to beautiful pristine white sand beaches.

From quiet respites along the calming shores of the Caribbean to vibrant coastal communities boasting luxury beachside amenities and watersports, each of the many St. Thomas beaches offer a unique experience for travellers. When deciding which is the best beach in St. Thomas, Puerto Rico's nearest island neighbour, it is important to consider which type of activities you would like to enjoy on your beach day.

It is hard to be disappointed with a visit to any of the island's many coastal destinations. Nevertheless, this list will analyze the ten best beaches in St. Thomas and help you decide which piece of shoreline offers the optimal experience for your next beach day. So, where are the best beaches in St. Thomas? Check out the spots listed below, and decide which beach seems like the right fit for you.

Top view of St. Thomas.

Magen's Bay

Of the many famous beaches in St. Thomas, Magen's Bay is the most well-known. And, with its crystal-clear waters and the lush surrounding foliage encompassing the protected bay, it is easy to understand why.

The only problem with being the most beautiful beach in St. Thomas is the heavy crowding that can occur. During peak season, the beach hosts up to 5,000 visitors on any given day. Additionally, the waters in the bay are also a familiar anchoring spot for cruise ships, yachts, and recreational boats. Fortunately, Magen's Bay does occupy a long stretch of the coastline, and visitors to the sandy shores should manage to find their private section of the beach. The beach's southern portion is typically considered the much quieter portion of the shoreline for those looking to escape the crowds.

As an added benefit of being one of the most popular beaches in St. Thomas, Magen's Bay features a variety of amenities and infrastructure that cater to the tourist experience. Along with a wide selection of tiki bars and restaurants, visitors to the place have access to many beach rentals that include chairs, cabanas, kayaks, and paddle boards.

Honeymoon Beach

Located only a short ferry ride away from St. Thomas's Crown Bay Marina is the small and less-touristed Water Island. Inhabited by only a handful of year-round residents, the island is home to a fantastic beach bar, a World War II-era fort, and it is one of the most idyllic and best beaches St. Thomas offers.

Here, visitors can unwind with a cocktail on the soft white sands while listening to the soft swaying noises of the many palm trees and the soothing lapping sounds of the calm Caribbean waves.

Sapphire Beach

Situated on the eastern side of the island, Sapphire Bay is one of the top beaches in St. Thomas for partaking in watersports. While not as crowded as some other places in St. Thomas, this beach features many sport shacks and amenities service scattering its length, and guests are never too hard-pressed to find their ideal rental services.

Visitors can enjoy a day of exploring the region's clear waters by renting either a kayak, scuba gear, or windsurfing equipment. But, for a more adrenaline-pumping experience, beachgoers should seek out the jet-ski or parasailing adventure rental companies that typically can be found around the Sapphire Bay Marina area.

Water in St. Thomas.

Coki Beach

Of all the beaches in St. Thomas, Coki Beach has the unique distinction of being considered the island party beach. However, this piece of coastline is more than just a lively party scene and loud music. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches in St. Thomas and a fantastic location for exploring the island's sea life. With the frequency of tourists to the area, the fish at Coki Beach have become accustomed to humans and are not afraid to get up close and personal with local snorkelers and divers.

Coki Beach offers one of the most diverse beachgoing experiences on the island. Visitors can partake in a wide selection of water sport rentals for an adventurous afternoon, socialize in the beach's vibrant party scene, or even just relax on the white sand shores as they are served their favourite cocktails directly on the beach.

Hull Bay

As a favourite beach amongst locals, Hull Bay sees far fewer tourists to its sandy shores than other destinations on the island. As a result, the resting place offers a crowd-free experience as visitors lavish in the local residents' slow, calming beachside lifestyle.

During the winter months, the island's northern coast is home to some of the region's biggest swells, and Hull Bay has become one of the best beaches in St. Thomas for catching the surf. Hull Bay is a fantastic destination whether you are a surfer yourself or enjoy watching the locals master their home waves.

Secret Harbor

Secret Harbor is a small quiet place located in the island's southeastern corner. Free from crowds, the protected bay is one of the top beaches in St. Thomas for snorkelling and exploring the island's aquatic life. The calm waters offer crystal clear visuals of the vibrant sea life along the rocky cliffs that line the right side of the beach.

The sandy shores are lined with tropical palm trees for an idyllic island atmosphere. Connecting the palm trees is a selection of hammocks ideal for lounging back with an excellent book or music as you absorb the relaxing vibes of the island. The Caribbean sunsets of the island are best enjoyed from the comforts of your beach hammock, the nearby restaurant patio, or even from the floating platform in the bay's centre.

Brewer's Bay

Like Hull Bay, Brewer's Bay is considered a hidden gem often kept from the influx of tourists that come to the island. A favourite beach amongst St. Thomas' locals, Brewer's Bay is home to the calmest waters on the island and is also a stomping ground for Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles. The beach's ocean floor is lined with seagrass beds, and these sea turtles can often be spotted floating around as they graze on their favourite meal.

Beyond the excitement of the sea turtles, visitors will have a front-row seat to the landing strip of the island's only airport. While not typically considered when planning a beach day, watching the planes take off, and land can add a sense of excitement as you float along the Caribbean waters.

Woman on the beach in St. Thomas.

Neltjeberg Beach

Neltjeberg Beach is the ideal option for visitors to St. Thomas to live out their castaway fantasies. Free from the crowding of the more famous beaches St. Thomas features, visitors to Neltjeberg will find they have the length of the shoreline virtually all to themselves. However, the beach maintains its seclusion thanks to the slightly treacherous hike required to reach this hidden gem.

Starting at Dorothea Beach, visitors have to make their way through the forested landscape along a coconut tree-lined path. Those who brave the hike will be rewarded with breathtaking views in their own secluded corner of the island. Here, they can continue walking along the beach's coastline or relax in the tranquilly lapping sea waves.

Lindquist Beach

Lindquist Beach is one of the most pristine beaches along St. Thomas' eastern coastline. As a part of Smith Bay Park, Linquist Beach offers breathtaking views of St. John and the British Virgin Isles from its location on the 21-acres of protected land. The beach itself provides service amenities, including restrooms and picnic pavilions, and is the ideal location for exploring the island's natural vegetation. Coconut trees and sea grape trees line the beach's shoreline, while a vibrant sea life habitat is in the water waiting to be discovered.

Lindberg Bay

Lindberg Bay offers St. Thomas's more popular beaches' luxury amenities, yet it somehow manages to maintain its more isolated charms. With two beachfront bars, this beach on St. Thomas' southern coast is the ideal destination for a relaxing beach day free from heavy crowding that can occur at other beachfront bar destinations.

Enjoy your favourite cocktail from the comforts of a recliner shaded by overarching palm trees, or venture into the Caribbean waters for various watersports that include paddle boarding, jet skiing, kayaking, and snorkelling. Those travelling with their families will be happy to note that there are two playgrounds for children, one floating in the water and another in the comforts of the sandy beach.


St. Thomas is a destination full of unique and vibrant beaches. This list of the ten best beaches in St. Thomas is a great place to start as you explore which destination has the amenities and privacy best suited for your next beach day. 

For more advice as you plan your next holiday, check out our complete list of posts to St. Thomas and other beautiful destinations around the world.

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