Nicaragua All-Inclusive Resorts

Nicaragua all inclusive resorts.

The Republic of Nicaragua, one of the Central American nations, is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The country is small and has Spanish as its official language. It has a roughly 7 million population and 130 thousand square km area. Nicaragua is home to many beautiful, natural and architectural wonders. All visitors are drawn by its charming colonial cities, all-inclusive resorts, beaches and imposing volcanoes. The locals of Nicaragua are incredibly friendly and helpful. Traveling around Nicaragua is fairly straightforward, and you may find several options on how to travel from one place to another.

A shuttle is a common way to travel to tourist destinations. Although it is more costly than public transport, it offers a significant advantage in that your driver will pick you up and drop you off safely at your all-inclusive resort door. If you are visiting the Caribbean Coast's Corn Islands, you need to fly within Nicaragua.

Nicaragua all inclusive resort lounge zone.

What You Need to Know!

From the energetic volcano at Masaya to the crater lake at Apoyo, there are numerous opportunities for visitors to appreciate these natural wonders. Nicaragua has stunning Pacific and Caribbean coasts lined with postcard-perfect sand beaches and palm trees. The warm waters of the Pacific and Caribbean offer a mesmerizing place to relax and surf. To make the most of your awaiting all-inclusive vacation package, it is worth putting Ometepe Island, San Juan del Sur, Leon, and Granada on your list of places you must visit in Nicaragua. Those looking forward to relax in one of their chosen all-inclusive resorts can also discover nature, wildlife, and aquatic activities through the option of a variety of all-inclusive packages. This exceptional place brings you peace, harmony, and relaxation of the body and mind.

We don’t recommend you spend more than you have to on vacation by having separate tabs for food and drinks and rooms and entertainment. When one bill is what you want, all-inclusive resorts should be your #1 priority when visiting Nicaragua.

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Best Time to Visit Nicaragua All-Inclusive Resorts

Like many Central and South American nations, Nicaragua has two distinct seasons. Although Nicaragua is a country that has a tropical environment and temperatures are more or less constant throughout the year, they can change from one region of the country to another. The Pacific area is the hottest, with temperatures exceeding 35°C. In winter, the temperature can drop below 20°C. Nicaragua can be very hot during the day and even at night. If you are traveling between March and April (the hottest months), then put on your cream and drink lots of water.

The more you get closer to May, temperatures get higher, and you can expect occasional rain showers, usually in the afternoons. There is more rain between May to October, but averagely it doesn’t rain for days in a row, you can enjoy sunny days as well with storms later in the day. Temperatures and humidity also increase.

Therefore, November to April is the best season to visit the country. This means you can expect mild temperatures, dry conditions, and sunny days.

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Average Cost of All-Inclusive Resorts in Nicaragua

The time you have to plan your Nicaragua itinerary will determine how successful it is. We recommend that you stick to the Pacific side of Nicaragua if your time is short, say seven to ten days. There are many natural and architectural wonders and distances aren't so vast. Traveling to Nicaragua, which is considered one of the world's impoverished countries, is very affordable. This makes Nicaragua an ideal all-inclusive vacation destination for budget travelers who are looking for a relaxing getaway. Nicaragua's all-inclusive resorts also cater to couples for their perfect romantic vacation.

Nicaragua is also an ideal destination when you have more cash in your pocket because luxury, upscale and all-inclusive resorts in this country are less costly than usual. This means you can splurge without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking for an adult-only getaway or family-friendly vacation, all-inclusive packages can help you book the perfect resort.


Between Nicaragua’s active volcanoes, tropical forests, sparkling lakes, and unique coastlines, there are so many reasons why this tropical paradise should be on your “must visit” list. When you want to get away from all your life’s worries and have someone else take care of all the pesky details of a vacation, just pack your stuff for an all-inclusive resort— you deserve it. You only pay one fixed rate without any hidden charges and voila! Royalty living will be the new status quo. The all-inclusive resorts in Nicaragua allow you to relax and forget about the ordinary while you sip your bottomless martini.

Now’s your perfect chance to spoil yourself and get truly pampered. You must have been dreaming about an all-inclusive resort for years — Now’s the time to get some adrenaline rush.

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